The system rewards three-level skill space, which is specially used to practice skills. It is as big as a house, empty. After Qin Tian went in, he felt that it was a completely different world, and he didn't think much about it immediately. Anyway, this skill training space is the same as the Liuli God Tower. But the glass tower is divided into seven layers, each time the effect is different. Thinking of the Colored Glaze Pagoda, Qin Tian secretly said in his heart, "I don't know if the three-level skill space can compare with the Colored Glaze Pagoda. Don't be worse than the Colored Glass Pagoda. It's a treasure of the novice period. The system won't be weak like this, will it?" I had a lingering fear, so I didn't think much about it. Sitting cross-legged, his mind moved, and he shouted in a deep voice, "Magic Fen Shen." "Hum!" In a flash of white light, a doppelganger appeared exactly like himself, with flesh and blood, but with a slightly dull expression and dull eyes. This is only a level of Fen Shen, Qin Tian did not care, Fen Shen if even the expression is the same, it is not called Fen Shen. While displaying his skills,die casting parts, Qin Tian is also paying attention to the increase of skill points. Six o'clock?! So soon? Level 3 skill space should be upgraded by three points at most. How can it be six points? Lin Tiangao does not understand, at the same time look at the cooling time. Instantly crazy, excited to laugh out loud. There is no cooldown limit! That is to say, you can practice indefinitely. Nima! "Uncle System, that's awesome!" "Level 3 skill space is so sharp that I'm starting to admire you a little, ha ha ha.." Qin Tian was very excited. The depression of being thrown into the Deicide Cave was swept away, and after the Fen Shen disappeared, he burst out again,die cast light housing, "Magic Fen Shen." "Another six skill points are added!" "Ha ha ha, it's so cool." …… At first, he thought that it would take at least a hundred years to practice illusion to the ultimate realm, but now it seems that ten years is enough. How can he not be excited? "Illusion Fen Shen!" "Illusion Fen Shen!" …… Once every fifteen seconds. Extremely fast. But Qin Tian is still a little dissatisfied, fifteen seconds is too long, if it can be released indefinitely. Isn't the skill upgrade like a rocket? "Illusion Fen Shen!" Fen Shen appeared, Qin Tian did not hesitate at all, a punch bombardment up. The first-level Fen Shen only has 30% of Qin Tian's ability. Qin Tian can kill it with one punch. Although it is cruel to kill himself, the speed increases several times. Qin Tian naturally doesn't care, and it's very cool to practice. Fuck "Shadow Killer, right? Four King Kong, right?". Wait for me. "I want you to die one by one!" I thought that the day when I came out of the cave was the day when the shadow died. Qin Tian could not help raising the corners of his mouth, revealing a cold smile. Incomparably strong intention to kill. Immediately. There was another cold shout, "Magic Fen Shen." …… Dead land, Magnetic Drain Plug ,Steel investment casting, on the magnificent hall. The stunning woman smiled lightly, happy like a young girl in love, muttering to herself: "I knew he could survive, how can the man I like be weak?". Giggle The King of Hell was in a cold sweat. When had he ever seen the master of death like this. He was also secretly shocked, completely attracted by the master of death, so beautiful. However. His heart did not dare to have the slightest sense of obscenity, for him, the master of death is sacred and inviolable, not even to think about it. It stopped for half an hour. "Lord," said the King of Hell respectfully, "should we get rid of those people outside the city?" The woman's mouth was cold, her expression suddenly changed, and the breath of death on her body was slightly released. Yama's mind was shocked, and he immediately carried out all his strength to resist the'slight 'breath of death. His face turned pale in an instant, and his whole body could not stop trembling. It was too uncomfortable. It's not just him. All the charms of the dead realm are crawling on the ground, beyond the realm of the star core, they are like ants, unable to move their whole bodies, and are suppressed by death. The powerful breath makes the whole dead land more horrible and ferocious. The smell of death is stronger. The Lord of Death, the King of Hell, a little breath of death can make the star core strong die ten thousand times. This process is only a moment. Less than half a breath, the woman's face recovered and said lightly, "No, let him solve it by himself. He prefers to do it by himself.". ” "Whew.." As soon as the King of Hell relaxed, he felt as if it had been tens of thousands of years. He felt very uncomfortable. Then he said respectfully, "Lord, shouldn't we go back to hell?" "You go back first." "I'll wait here for him to come out." "In three years it will be time for the Chosen One, and then I will go with him to the center of the star field, and you won't have to join me in three years." The woman said lightly. Can't say why. But I just don't want to leave here. The King of Hell immediately bowed and said, "My subordinates obey." Three years later, the Chosen One will gather in the center of the star field, and no one can miss the most grand scene of the star field. Death does not rule naturally. The reason why she wanted to enter the star field with Qin Tian was very simple, because she didn't want to see Qin Tian killed without entering the star field. There was only one place for the chosen one, and after success, he would become the son of God. Have the super power without a horse! She wants to help Qin Tian get this power! Of course. She also has her own purpose. …… Time passed in a flash. Three years later. In the mine. Qin Tian drank in a deep voice, "illusions are separated." "Hum!" "Boom!" Three Fen Shen appeared, with 60% of their own strength, lasting 180 seconds, began to have the expression of Qin Tian, look, although not rich enough, but this is enough to deceive anyone. At the same time. Ding. "Congratulations to the player'Qin Tian 'for upgrading to'Magic Fen Shen'. At present, the skill level is six!" "Ha ha." "Level six!" Qin Tian was ecstatic and wanted to practice again, but the star power was exhausted and there was no top-grade star stone, so he had to go out of the skill space,non standard fasteners, and not far away, an eight-order devouring rat looked at him with golden eyes. Qin Tian smiled ferociously and said lightly, "Now it's time to upgrade!" A bad fate! I'm really sorry.