"Yi Xian's niece's words, originally no difference.". It was only because you had too much confidence in me, and I was unprepared beforehand, and because you were too busy going back to the mountain, you did not refer to it in detail. It was only when you were exploring the path of the cave and were not out of danger that you divided the primordial spirit, entered the inner protection, and accidentally saw the immortal on the wall. You only knew the outline, but did not know the details of the inside. In fact, the other treasure house is behind the portrait of the saint on the wall, and what opens the wall is the key shaped like an orchid calyx contained in the red lotus in the tripod. When you first find the thousand-year sound hidden in the calyx, you only need to separate the lotus petals slightly and then take them out. But when you saw that Zhu Lian was lovely, you were greedy and wanted to turn it back. However, I did not know that there were layers of arrangements in advance, which corresponded to each other, and the opportunity was fleeting and could not be recovered. The precious tripod in each cave has a wonderful use, but the lotus calyx in the East Cave hides the immortal key, so how can Zhu Lian and the precious tripod be taken in vain? You just play and linger, miss the opportunity, and the lid of the tripod is sucked away by the spirit of Yi Weiqing, which is originally hidden in the tripod, and closed tightly. You are usually quite intelligent, but you are fascinated by it for a while. You never mentioned it to the two virtuous nieces in the cave until you came out and told me that it was too late. Otherwise, you will be able to find out the secret by using Sister Yi's channel method. You will use magic to open the tripod for the second time, take out the key, and buckle the wall to get the treasure. Out and back in, the original nothing,Iron Nail Making Machine, but also by the escape of the forbidden law ambush, you can not come out. Though you can get through by the power of the amulet, the amulet has great magic power and is invincible. If you don't close it, the whole cave scenery will inevitably be destroyed. Once you use the closing amulet, the cave door will be closed again, and all kinds of ambushes on the magic screen will return to their original state one by one through the corresponding wonderful use of this amulet. With the strength of the three of you, if you don't meet the opportunity and want to enter again, it will be as difficult as climbing the sky. Immortal fate stops here, the matter is decided before. And bring me the book of fairies. Ying Qiong hurriedly took out the small box of books and presented them. When Qingyun heard this, he felt that it was a pity that he had missed many of the treasures of the immortal family. But Yi Jing could not help but move in her heart and calculate. Li Ning looked at what was recorded in the pamphlet. In addition to the name and usage of the treasure,nail manufacturing machine, there was also the legacy of the holy aunt. The main idea is that one hundred and nine treasures in the tripod were presented to Miaoyi's wife and distributed to her female disciples. Ying Qiong got the most, including Ling Yun, Qing Yun, Ying Nan, Ruo Lan, Yi Jing, Zi Ling and Han Calyx. All of them have their names, and all of them are not empty. The treasure hidden in the wall, how to get it, and the use of the key are also clearly recorded. It only does not indicate who should get it and whether it can enter the hole for the second time. When Ying and Yun read the book, both of them looked happy, but Yi was silent. Li Ning had already understood the cause and effect and knew what it meant. He smiled at the three of them and said, "One drink and one peck. Is it possible that the decision was made before?". He who has gone through many hardships and hardships has benefited a lot. However, the two words of greed and anger are always harmful. If you can't bear a little, you will mess up a big plan. You should rely on your wisdom and determination to restrain it. The three of you must come back here sooner or later. The treasure in the wall may be on someone's head. Only after this, the outside know more and more, must come to seize. Each thing has its own owner, the holy aunt has already arranged, Nail Making Machine price ,Nail machine supplier, who should own it, will not move, will never choose the strong and return. Things like today are destined and inevitable, so even I am confused when it comes to things. I hope that no matter who comes in the future, you can stop when things happen, kill less, and give way if you can. You must not kill because of their different factions and many things, so that the injustice will be avenged, and there will be no end. If you plant enemies, you will leave hidden dangers in the future. It will not be in vain for me to lead you here today. Yi Jingyuan was so witty that when he heard this, he would regard it as a general comment. He only thought about how to get one person to take the treasure again. After hearing it, he put it behind him. Li Ning knew that if she entered the Magic Wave Pool again in the future, it would be related to the success or failure of her life. It was not easy for her to practice penance for many years. This time, she was destined to meet. At that time, it was not convenient to explain, so she had to go to Emei, meet the people who taught her, and then try to help her succeed. It was also Yi Jingxian's fate that made him meet Li Ning. In this way, he suffered all kinds of hardships in the future and was almost killed. This is not to be mentioned later. When Li Ning finished, he still ordered the three men to put away their magic weapons and wait until Emei, where they would present them to the division commander and then distribute them. Ying Qiong asked: "Daddy, are we still going out?" Li Ning said, "The hole on the first floor has been broken open by the two men with their precious camels. They only entered the hole less than an hour before us.". In theory, we were still ahead of them, because as soon as they arrived, we went straight into the East Cave, and we made a detour all the way from the West Cave, enjoying the wonderful scenery and explaining everything along the way. There was a lot of delay, otherwise we would have gone in long ago. Although you have encountered many hardships and dangers, it is enough to deal with them with two swords and one mirror. They saw that you were the first to get there, but they didn't know where the second treasure was hidden. Either the two sides explained and worked together, or they waited for you to go, and then they did it. How could they end up with such a heavy enmity. This door is not closed, more enough to cause outsiders to covet, and do not know to bury many lives. We also go out through this door, and when we get outside, we use the Buddhist Dharma to block it, so that those who are a little worse at the Dharma and do not know the path in the cave wall will retreat in the face of difficulties. In order to avoid the danger of entering the cave and being injured by the ambush of the forbidden law in the cave door, it is also good to waste years of penance. Say, then led three people, walk out from the front door of the first floor. After walking through the double stone chamber wide cave, I arrived at the door and saw two green and bright cave doors being washed open. Li Ning then ordered the three of them to stand aside, sit cross-legged, preach the spirit, display the Dharma, raise their hands toward the cave door, and fly forward with a piece of auspicious light. First, the cave door slowly closed, and when the auspicious light dispersed, the door had disappeared, similar to the cave mark, without any trace. "Father," said Ying Qiong, "since later people have dared to come here, they must know that there are several caves inside. Although this door is hidden by the Dharma, isn't it possible to search for it according to the distance between the parts in the direction of each cave? "That's easy for you to say," said Li Ning. The original cave entrance is here. Ziying and Qingsuo are the treasures of Emei. They are invulnerable to all evils. Any forbidden net can probably be broken through. It doesn't matter if I'm here. Let's try the wonderful method of my little sandalwood and see how my Buddhism works. Ying Qiong was delighted when she heard this. She sincerely wanted to show off in front of her old father. She secretly used Xuangong to display the mental method of the school. A purple rainbow flashed,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, and her body and sword were United. She rushed straight to the original cave door. I rushed several times in a row, only to feel that the place I rushed was as soft as silk hair and stronger than fine steel. A kind of divine power with great hardness and softness blocked the way. I only rushed with auspicious light and auspicious colors, and I could not go any further. 3shardware.com