My opinion is that it's all about how one perceives the skill of a person. Similar concerns arise regarding whether gold medalists in ParaOlympics should receive more respect over Olympic gold medalists RS3 Accounts. ParaOlympics competitors had to overcome physical limitations to be awarded the medal. But, it would be not fair to diminish the importance of the person who has won a medal in gold because there were others who were physically fit.

I'd love to hear what other people think about this question. It seems that pf2p's who are awarded a skillcape (OMG you've got a skillcape) are treated like gods while those with the same skillcape are given an earful of hugs ("Oh, you got skillcape! What a adorable. Which one is the next? I'm a Summoning-tank, and am in dire need of charms. They are too difficult for me to acquire, and I don’t know anyone who is willing to share my charms. I'm willing to pay for each Charm. I'd like to do it in the Chaos Tunnels, since it's all multicombat and has many monsters.

I'm currently trying to purchase an Magic Skillcape (untrimmed) and I'd like to know what outfit you would recommend. It would be great if the outfit costs less than 2 million. If you have any suggestions, they will go towards my list. The hood does not have to be worn, however it can be when it is a good match with the outfit. Thank you, guys.

Also, feel free to suggest quest items. Simply not stuff such as Mobilising Armies Rewards:grindteeth Really, I don't like the Minigame. I have 80 Defence cheap osrs infernal cape. 80 Attack. The strength is 88. I have 77 ranged. 70 Prayer. I'm P2P and will be until I can imagine.