Now with the development and progress of society, every family will have a car for walking. Usually daily attendance, travel, work and business trips, people will now put many articles of life in the car, a long time inside the car will appear very messy, for the car family, the car has almost become their second home. Although the interior space is very limited, but this does not become its crowded and disorderly reason. Also, driving in bad conditions for a long time can be very depressing! So how do we solve the disorderly placement of sundries, reasonable use of the limited space in the car?

1. Front row storage

Mainly from the safety and convenience of two points of view. There are often gaps in the seat, and regular items such as cards, keys, coins, etc. are difficult to pick up once they fall in.

2. Crack storage

Put a storage box in the slot,,not only can effectively prevent items from slipping from the crevice, but also can receive commonly used mobile phones, car keys, cigarettes and other items. The car slot box, you can use all the space inside the car. The appearance is relatively small, usually can be placed in the place of easy to touch, so that the perfect solution to the need to forget where to put the problem, can also put the mobile phone and other relatively small objects.

Car Seat Slot Storage Box

3. Seat-back storage bag

For large family users, especially children, the car will become a playground for children, whether it is toys, food, to see the basic are all indispensable, if directly take up the next car that is a mess. And the seat back storage bag will have a lot of storage position, but also can let the items for classification, not only can put children's toys and snacks, etc., but also do not worry about the carriage will be messed up, at the same time, the back row to put items will not be very troublesome.


4. Convenience hooks

The other is a multi-purpose convenient hook, this kind of bearing capacity is relatively large, not only used to hang bags or bags and other items, some multi-functional hook can also be used as a mobile phone bracket in the car. But the disadvantage is that the things are not enough, and can only be hung on the hook, if there are passengers in the back seat, will also cause a certain safety hazard to the back seat passengers.


5. Car water cup holder

Is the most basic function of onboard beverage holder can put our cups, we drive a car if you have no place to put cup, hashing out water will leak out, in time well, if it is not found in time, it's easy for our car seat or interior damage, still can let us auto welding appears on the phenomenon of rust, If there is a car cup holder, we can put the cup on it, so that we can be more comfortable when driving, we can drink water is also more convenient, more importantly, there is no threat to our car interior. The cup holder is not only used to hold the cup, but also small items like loose change or lip balm.


6. Car trunk storage box

As the largest storage space on the car, the trunk is definitely the most cluttered. Usually need but not high frequency of use of items, will be temporarily placed in the trunk, resulting in a mess of the trunk. The trunk of most car owners is generally crowded, unstuffed and cluttered. The storage box is used to help store scattered items, maximize the use of limited space, and make the trunk beautiful and clean in an instant


Owners might as well buy some large capacity receive a case, this can be easier to organize, to make their car clean can liberate trunk at the same time, in fact the car trunk space relatively is one of the biggest, put some basic everyday items enough at ordinary times, now the summer temperature is higher, in the car so small make up suggest try to choose high quality materials, non-toxic tasteless receive a case, This will bring protection to the health of the owner, cleaning way is also very simple, as long as the hand towel gently wipe clean, save time and effort is also convenient.