If you have been in the Netherlands for a few months, but haven't made progress as far as listening comprehension of spoken Dutch goes – transcription can be of great help. As far as comprehension goes reading/writing can be an easier ordeal since one can make use of Dutch to English transcription services/translation tools to extract the meaning from it. For a non-native speaker, meetings with Dutch as the primary language tend to go over the head. Comprehension of spoken Dutch is a completely different ballgame, with your brain needing to do real-time deconstruction/translation.
As such recording of meetings and transcription of the same is of great help in deciphering through spoken Dutch. Nearly 5 million people prefer Dutch as their second language. Transcription can be an efficient tool helping to communicate, learn, and improve upon the language.
For Hard of Hearing Community

Inclusivity has been the talk of the millennia. Transcripts have been essentially been the guiding light towards the incorporation of the ideals of inclusivity. Around 10.1% of Dutch people suffer from reduced hearing - that is over 2.5 million people. Also, only four out of ten of those who have difficulty hearing used hearing aids. Online Dutch transcription services can be an effective tool that helps in communication towards such audiences.

Crowded Places

Interacting with your beloved video content in a noisy place can always be an annoyance. Content creators usually include transcripts to go along with the video content as a workaround. Transcription also functions as metadata to help promote the content.

Essential for Content Promotion
Search engines and content posting platforms are some of the most popular websites in the Netherlands. Owing to the fact transcribing the audio/video content in Dutch can serve as an effective method for content promotion. The words and phrases contained in transcripts can be latched onto by search engines helping for better search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine results pages (SERPs) placement. This essentially serves as an economical method for content promotion.
Saving Money

Transcribed files are cream of the crop of audio/video content. One advantage the text files have over audio, video, and picture files are the space that it occupies. Secondly, text files can be searched and index. All these benefits tend to add up in helping you save money in document indexing and in server space.

A Background on the Dutch Language

 – Dutch is often viewed as a difficult language to learn. Pronunciation, word order, and colloquialism make Dutch an extraordinarily difficult language to learn. Dutch is a language spoken by close to 29 million people and also is the official language of 3 countries. There is increasing popularity of Dutch in the business world; transcription and translation are frequently performed to and from Dutch.

Choosing Dutch Transcription Services
If you are on a quest to get accurate transcripts and get all the pre-mentioned benefits of transcription – professional Dutch transcription services are here to help you out. Transcribe Dutch audio to text online serves as an effective and efficient solution to all your Dutch transcription related necessities.