What is Duratia (Priligy)? Priligy is a prescription medicine available only by prescription. It is an SSRI medication that is used primarily for erectile dysfunction and mood disorders.

Duratia is an erectile dysfunction drug containing mainly sertraline and dapoxetine. How does Duratia 60 mg work? it is workings by enhancing the amount of serotonin available in the body thus boosting libido and increasing sensation and feeling during sexual intercourse. When taking it is usually taken approximately once or twice per week. As with all Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors(SSRIs), there are some possible side effects to consider with the use of Duratia 90 mg.

Some possible benefits of Duratia 90 include relief from frequent urination (words dry mouth), decreased appetite, decreased need for sleep, and decreased anxiety and nervousness. Possible downsides of Duratia 90 mg: hypotension (low blood pressure), orthostatic hypotension (also known as postural hypotension), orthostatic hyperuricemia, and shock or emergency.

Be sure to let your doctor know if you have any of these or any other adverse reactions to this drug before taking it. You may also want to notify your doctor of any family history which may be related to blood pressure and/or dizziness.

Normally, dosages of this herbal solution should be prescribed by a qualified physician. You should remember that Duratia 30 Mg medication should not be suddenly stopped without consulting your doctor. Missing a dosage of this ED-PE treatment may lead to severe complications such as depression and anxiety.

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