Sharma Academy is one of the most profound Civil services coaching offering aspirants with outstanding guidance for the UPSC and MPPSC Exams. Founded in 2010 by Mr. Surendra Sharma, the academy is regarded as one of the country's tops today. Every year several aspirants make it to the top securing the highest rank services. The faculty members at Sharma Academy guide students to success. With the introduction of MPPSC online coaching classes, the academy can now offer services all around the country. Aspirants can sign up for the online program from the comfort of their homes. 

Various advantages make Sharma Academy the top online MPPSC Coaching in indore. Through live interactive classes combing doubt solving sessions, help aspirants to know their mistakes, and rectify them immediately. Some of the key features that make Sharma Academy online academy the No. 1 in India are mentioned below.


  • With the introduction of online coaching classes, aspirants can cope with their studies during these challenging times. Backed up by 24/7 service, top faculty members, latest and updated study materials and mppsc notes, this academy has it all.
  • Online classes are taken by the best faculty members who have experience in a particular subject. Aspirants can solve all their doubts and even record online classes for future references. Aspirants have the independence to log in from anywhere and take their online classes, which is rewarding.
  • One-on-one classes introduced by Sharma Academy offer aspirants the opportunity to be trained by the best faculty members personally. When learning alone, faculty members can offer more attention and solve every doubt very precisely. The one-on-one classes are a big hit, and many aspirants have been finding it very resourceful.
  • Aspirants from all parts of the country can participate in the online platform offered by Sharma Academy. There is no more the need to be present in the mppsc coaching center as it's completely online. Aspirants can log in with their username and password offered by the academy and starts their online classes.
  • While preparations, one of the most prominent aid are study materials. With the online class introduction, they can now download the latest and updated study materials subject-wise. The interface is very straightforward and can be used by anyone easily. 
  • Regular mock tests online allow aspirants to test their knowledge. Sharma Academy arranged a mock test wherein aspirants are offered feedback immediately to know where they stand. With regular mock tests and mppsc test series practice papers, Sharma Academy can provide the perfect preparation environment.
  • The progressive method of learning introduced by Sharma Academy helps aspirants to learn and grow gradually. Sharma Academy ensures every aspirant participating in the online classes has understood and solved their doubts regarding the same. This approach has helped the academy reach great heights of success as the online platform offers vast scope to aspirants.


Sharma Academy is a well-established name in the MPPSC coaching industry, and by launching the online programs, they have become the pioneers of the MPPSC coaching industry. Over the years, the academy has offered many successful results, which is why aspirants every year flock into this institute. Even in these challenging times when the world is fighting the pandemic, Sharma Academy can offer aspirants a platform. 


The online platform offered by Sharma Academy is top-notch in educating and guiding the aspirants to success. Regular classes, coupled with mock tests and test series practice papers, help aspirants to gain confidence and improve their writing speed to a great extent. The administration is carried out very precisely, ensuring every aspirant is offered the right materials and references for preparation purposes. With top faculty members backed by an excellent administrative team, the academy can offer never ending services to all its aspirants.

The procedure to get registered to the online mppsc program offered by Sharma Academy is straightforward. Aspirants require sending their queries online by visiting the website. Professionals from the center call and then support throughout the registration process. Allowing aspirants to participate in the online program helps them cultivate a learning habit each day, which is rewarding. The online MPPSC coaching offered by Sharma Academy is remarkable, and aspirants appearing for the upcoming MPPSC exams must give it a try for the best results.