If we're talking about games, my biggest issue is that there has been no chatter from them regarding "MyLeague" that's where I'm spending most of my time on my Playstation. MyLeague is my most favorite mode because of the freedom it offers , and also the fact that you don't need 2K22 MT invest any money in order to get it up and running. You can relocate teams, build expansion teams, download uniforms and floor designs from other players (I'm thinking of the SuperSonic fans) or create super teams, blow up teams and even import draft classes and the draft class of the past. Basically you can do almost every thing you can think of which is the reason it's so addictive.

Although the game is fantastic, it hasn't received much attention in the last couple of years. 2K claims this is their top game but if MyLeague isn't improved I find it difficult to believe that claim. This game could be their most successful I believe. The reason is that, last time we witnessed the next generation of leaps, the game's quality was greatly improved from its appearance, game modes to gameplay.

The release of 2K16, 17 and 18 just after the launch. They are considered by me as their best games and 16 is their most memorable. If they can replicate that magic in NBA 2K21, not only will they be able to create an awesome game, but the effect of it could be so more significant due to the boredom that COVID-19 has brought upon us all.

Next gen's version of 2K21 will go on Cheap NBA 2K22 MT sale when the new consoles come out for Xbox on November 10, then two days later, Playstation will have it as well.