My friend is going to barrows in RuneScape Gold a few days. I've told him many times not to use slayerdart, but to use earthwave (can't yet utilize firewave) as it is more reliable and accomplishes the same thing. Yet i see him a few minutes in the past (because the guy wanted me to check his outfit) And what I find? SLAYER DART!

After explaining the reasons not to make use of it, he agrees with me and buys an earth battlestaff. The reason he wore a slayerdart, was because the majority of the guys on youtube in tutorials using slayerdart, therefore, a lot of the YouTube users also wear the slayerdart. This annoys me even more; because they're poor examples.

All of this led to the following topic: Do you use waves, fire blasts, or other spells? Do you use magic or not? Do not make this a poll. This is more of a discussion about why they use it in stead of that you make use of it. Now, explain to me the reason why people continue to make use of it when blood runes cost less than death runes.

This thread will present my guess and possibly more relevant evidence. Don't read any further if you want to keep the new skill a surprise.

This section covers three premises that everyone should consider when trying to understand the new skill. The first is that the skill will be applicable to 2007 RS Items both F2P AND P2P. Find evidence to support the third premise.