To give yourself the best chance of having an unforgettable experience, whether it’s with friends or your family, make sure to choose the best places to visit in the world. From beaches that are picture-perfect to mountain ranges that will leave you breathless, these five locations are sure to add unforgettable memories to your list of travel experiences. Best of all, they’re all just a plane ticket away!

Marrakech, Morocco
Marrakech is a mesmerizing, cosmopolitan city that's often called The Red City due to its trademark rusted buildings, painted in terracotta red. The capital and largest city in Morocco, Marrakech has retained much of its original charm and beauty throughout the years. Once an imperial outpost, it has now transformed into a flourishing city that epitomizes modern-day Moroccan culture while also remembering its roots with a sense of care and responsibility toward preserving traditional architecture and cultural heritage sites such as Medina Azahara.

Santorini, Greece
Santorini is renowned as being among the best places to visit in the world and it's not hard to see why. The scenery is awe-inspiring, with its captivating, indigo-blue crystal clear waters, pristine white sand and jagged clifftop views. A day-long guided tour will take you across all corners of this ancient volcanic island, where you'll find tiny tavernas serving mouthwatering dishes freshly caught from local fishing boats; quaint churches from a time gone by; panoramic beach views that will stop your heart; gorgeous gardens and flower-filled villages all steeped in natural magic เที่ยวไหนดี – making Santorini an absolute must for any traveler.

Como, Italy
Start off in Como, Italy, a quaint lakeside village surrounded by evergreen forests, pristine white sand beaches, and vibrant orange skies reflecting off blue water. This town is so rich in the natural beauty that it has been given UNESCO World Heritage status and declared a Biosphere Reserve. Head over to the island, Isola Comacina, which offers breathtaking panoramic views of Venice's Lagoon and more hiking opportunities than you can shake a stick at - after all this is home to Monte Barroccio's watershed forest! Afterward, make sure not to miss out on Bellagio where there are masterful fountains choreographed with fresh flowers set against lavish villas made famous in Ocean's 11.

Bordeaux, France
With rivers snaking through quaint quarters, countrysides lined with vineyards, and architecture that's both old and new, Bordeaux is a lively spot with an irresistible romantic allure. The city's center consists mainly of pastel-colored buildings that bring in visitors from around the world year-round, while its food culture continues to surprise with dishes like langoustines cooked in wine and a garlic-and-citrus braised leg of lamb served with a lemon cauliflower gratin. When it comes time to leave this world heritage site, some things are better left as unforgettable memories: Walk among ancient buildings once frequented by well-heeled Romans before taking an evening stroll along the graceful banks of La Garonne river on route de Tourny

Kathmandu, Nepal
Oia, also known as the town that never gets dark, is a must-see if you're traveling around Greece's Santorini Island. Spend the day soaking up this charming village's sun-filled charm and serene atmosphere by taking a ferry from Fira to Oia or simply go during sunset time. You won't regret spending an afternoon exploring Oia's winding cobblestone streets that offer gorgeous views and delicious food in its maze of shops, boutiques, cafés, and restaurants. Just before night falls, head back down to the dock to catch a boat back over to Fira while the sky turns shades of pink and orange—or stay out all night with live music in Oia's bars!

Oia, Santorini
Oia is an enchanting village on the Greek island of Santorini, where traditional architecture coexists with modern touches like shops and restaurants. Easily spotted at a distance thanks to its white buildings that gleam in the bright sunlight, Oia has earned its reputation as one of the best places to visit in Greece.

Sedona, Arizona
If you're looking for an unforgettable destination, Tulum is a perfect place. It's a romantic coastal town on Mexico's Riviera Maya, with miles of sun-drenched sands and turquoise waters that look like something out of a postcard.