Jagex responded to OSRS Gold a variety of questions about the new feature on the Q&A thread. Although Jagex is known for providing vague answers and isn't specific enough, we were able to subtract some criteria from their answers. It is possible to identify the kind and the level of the skill based on these criteria. Since no one really seems to know what this new skill will be about at present, this could prove beneficial.

I've picked the most important aspects. The new skill was originally meant to be an independent game. But it was transformed into a skill in the future. It is very distinct, and unlike any other skill in RuneScape. It is not comparable to other skills like Summoning. It will introduce a whole new type of gameplay into Runescape. It is able to be played to complement any existing abilities.

It will be used for combat and noncombat. It will not be a cash-driven training. Jagex provided the details. Skills such as Sailing, Necromancy and Bartering aren't like they are different from other existing skills. What is it that makes a skill distinctive? To find out the factors that make a skill distinctive in the first place, we need to examine all the abilities that are used to find out what is typical.

Every skill sounds different at first. Woodcutting can be employed to gather wood, firemaking could be used to put the wood to work, and cooking could be used for cooking. The subject matter is different for every ability. This is quite logical. You'll notice that the two aspects of training have one thing in common. If you're looking to improve a skill, the best method to buy osrs accounts cheap learn it is through repetition.