Why is it important to read Yojana Magazine
Yojana Magazine is a monthly magazine that represents the Govt's different points of view on issues. The Govt of India publishes it.

Importance of Yojana magazine

1 Not only does the Yojana magazine provide the Govt's point of view regarding different issues but it is also supported by data and analysis for the same.
The Yojana Magazine is of great help in writing essays. Multiple perspectives is offered on different issues by people coming from different backgrounds.
3 This magazine comes out once a month and it also covers the maximum portion of the main syllabus, mostly General Studies.
A host of information is given on Govt schemes, Govt projects its different policies and its initiatives


This magazine contains data on socio-economic issues and the main aim ofreading this magazine is to collect important points on different topics by the candidate.
The knowledge gathered by the candidate comes in handy when he writes answers in the Main or appears before the interviewer In the final round. Questions coming in Paper II and Paper III are largely based on it. It at once publishes on topics which can be found in the paper on General Studies and Essay writing.
The other thing worth stating is that it provides separately views On current topics. It is not surprising that UPSC toppers mention the importance of this magazine as preparatory material. Some of the topics it covers are International Relations, Federalism and Budget, etc.

The way it should be read

1 The topics given in Yogana are already there in the newspaper and the basic purpose behind reading this magazine is to collect information on these topics.
2 The previous year's question paper must be kept side by side to find out whether it tallies with the topics found in Yojana.
3 A list of topics is made from the previous year to the current month to make learning simpler.
Thus reading this magazine for OCIing success is not a secret anymore. With full proof of preparation, the goal of clearing this exam becomes fairly reachable.

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