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What is an online quiz?


Many universities are replacing paper-based quizzes with online quizzes that are delivered using a curriculum management system (CMS) such as Blackboard, Moodle or Canvas. To participate in the online quiz, students need to log in to their university's portal through their laptop or smartphone.  Quizzes can have a mix of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), objective questions and descriptive questions and must be completed in a predetermined duration. These tests require a stable internet connection and are taken in a secure environment.


What difficulties do students face in online quizzes?


Although online quizzes give students more flexibility and convenience, they also come with their own unique challenges.  Some of these challenges are:


  • Time pressure: Like any other exam, time pressure creates a unique challenge for students. They can't spend much time understanding or analyzing questions that bother ESL students whose second language is English.  As the timer ticks, the students panic and finally choose a random answer to finish the quiz.


  • No one to explain the questions: The traditional paper-based test usually had an examiner who you can refer to if you need an explanation. However, distance education students have no one to help them during the online quiz as they take the quiz from home in an unsafe environment.


  • Ambiguous Choices: Some questions in the online quiz may seem vague and may have more than one (or none) correct option. Yet, most online quizzes allow students to choose only one of the given options in thetutorsHelp. This confuses the students as they cannot explain to the examiner the reasoning behind their chosen answer.


  • Negative Marking: Some professors go so far as to punish students for giving incorrect answers. If students are not sure about the answer, they have to decide: the risk of leaving the question blank or choosing the wrong answer.  In some cases, students may receive very low or negative marks that may not reflect their correct understanding or understanding of the subject.


Thetutorshelp.com What kind of online quiz can help me?


We provide support for most types of online quizzes, including (but not limited to):


  • Management online quiz.


  • Topic specific online quiz.


  • Pre-employment online test


  • English proficiency online test


  • Numerical Reasoning Online Test


  • Data Interpretation Online Test


  • And many more


Although most quizzes have MCQs (multiple choice questions), our experts can help you with questions that also require explanatory feedback. If you have a quiz that is not on the list, do not hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp to find out the availability of an expert.


My employer wants me to be present for personalization. Can you take it for me


Although we can take personality tests online, we strongly recommend that students do not seek personal help. These tests are designed to identify your key personality traits and HR managers use this result to check your interview responses. If there is a discrepancy between the results of your quiz and the answers to the interview, then you can get a good job opportunity.