Industrial powder coatings are commonly used to protect machinery in oil & gas plants, chemical plants, electrical plants, even medical institutions. In general, these coatings are thin protective layers that completely encircle an object. Industrial powder coating, recognized for its anti-corrosive properties, has a wide range of applications, from metal structural design to pipes & equipment.

Industrial powder coatings differ in chemical & physical composition based on the specific purpose for which they must be used, whose factors include machinery composition, weather characteristics, regional humidity, & external pressure. The following list provides a generally comprising list of criteria in which the vast majority of industrial coatings fall under:

Architectural- To be implemented on building materials, an architectural coating is carefully engineered with flexible compositions to be implemented on a broad array of building materials.

Plastics- Available in different colors and textures, the primary purpose of visual coatings is to provide aesthetic appeal and protection benefits.

Metal-alloy- Along with protective features, metal-alloy coatings can be used as the outer layer on automotive materials.

Environmental- Made with the conservation of nature in mind- environmental coatings are designed for minimal emissions while using recyclable materials for manufacturing.


Surfaces- Used mainly on textured surfaces exposed to daily pressure, surface coatings are widely found on household surfaces and furniture of varying nature.


Temperature- As the name suggests, temperature coatings are meant to be implemented on objects exposed to extreme temperatures. This can involve sub-zero exposure (such as nitrogen tanks) and high temperature.

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