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It is essential for organizations, especially those in retail, sports, entertainment and hospitality, to create a good and lasting first impression for brand recognition.     Positive brand recognition and creating a memorable brand experience is essential to business growth as it converts potential clients into paying customers. Today, the use of advanced display technology is a vital part of creating memorable first impressions and converting leads into customers. Unfortunately, many business owners, are still hesitant and often unaware of how to use the right technology to promote their brand and their message. So many are still using static messaging, whereas dynamic video content has been proven to have much better results and a video wall is the best way to achieve that.

In this article, you will learn more about how you can get the best video wall controller for your business.

Why is a video wall controller important?




A video wall controller offers a reliable and simpler way to integrate technology with advertising. You will easily be able to manage 1080p or 4K displays with beautiful imagery for your advertisement. You can do this on multiple screens at a time on a video wall, which is simply a combination of multiple screens configured as a single large surface. To easily and effectively manage various content sources on a single video wall and simultaneously display various messages, you will need a video wall controller. It is the best way to maximize your display surface with different messages that would capture a wider range and more diverse audience.

Video wall controllers have undergone significant development and technology advancement in the last decade. Today, they provide all the essential features to easily and quickly display all kinds of content on video walls more efficiently.

How should you choose a good video wall?





Typically, it is recommended that you start with a video wall that has a minimum of four screens in a 2x2 configuration. Of course, the more screens the better, depending on your space. However, a 2x2 set up is often sufficient in many scenarios such as a corporate or hotel lobbies, and offers a dynamic perspective to your business. Other considerations, such as bezel size (the space in between the screens), pixel pitch, resolution and weight may also be important. Today, a bezel-less solution, such as an LED video wall, is also gaining great popularity.


A video wall should be based on the size of the venue, the number of simultaneous viewers, and the type of content that will be displayed. For optimum results, consult video wall professionals at VuWall, to help you with the right video wall design for your needs. You should also consider good video wall control software to efficiently and seamlessly manage your content.