It's easy to overlook the fact that people always attempt to minimize the accomplishments of others by calling them 'nolifers' or 'nerds OSRS Power Leveling'. This is an interesting issue because it requires greater effort to achieve the same goals when you are a member than it does for a player who is free, unless there is an unfair comparison.

It is stated that people who spend more money (e.g. cooking or making fire) spend more time earning the money to buy the raw materials needed to power-level. Members earn money faster and therefore spend less time, which is in contrast to a pf2p, who earns money much slower. This can get tricky because there are a variety of options. To clarify, I'll list each side's points.

P2P-Earns money generally faster. They have green drags, slayer abilities and have more money to merchwith that gives them an edge over pf2ps. There are more efficient ways to train them. The idea of burying big bones is a joke when compared to gold-plated altars. You can earn 99 on the areas that earn more money than other skill.

The PF2P earns money more slowly and is the most risky method (shorter of merching), is mining rune stones, which is very slow and dangerous. Also, cutting things (be that yews, cockroach soldiers). On a per hour basis OSRS Fire Cape for sale, a PF2P would make less money using the most efficient money-making method than a P2P that also does the fastest money making method.