Isolation is Animal Crossing Bells the worst you can do for technological progress, because it is fueled by exchange of ideas! Simply sitting on a big heap of magic distance metal doesn't mean you are going to have self-lacing sneakers tomorrow!And somehow achieved everything else a culture requirements, without anybody else in the world finding out. I believe Black Panther is among a few movies where the superhero antics aren't the most unrealistic thing.

To (intensely ) paraphrase some other guy online,"The biggest issue with the narrative of Wakanda is that it's literally the way most leftists think prosperity occurs. That it is just random. The giant meteor filled with PlotDevice-ium landed on Wakanda, and that is why they're a superpower now. The thought that wealth can be created through ideas and effort (or destroyed, through mismanagement) is something that they struggle to wrap their minds around. "I'd call that other guy uninformed because most leftists I've seen consider thoughts and effort to be a Kind of labor which would add value Leading to an increase of riches (just not in the Typical capitalist sense)

I was using minority that the more abstrakt sense, so Wakanda does not hold up as a comparison because black people would be the majority/the just ethnicity

Slavery was really a fairly sweet deal. Most masters don't even whip you unless you are on a plantation or something and if you're lucky you can even learn to read!It's only the folks that never experienced it which have somehow convinced themselves it will be Nook Miles Ticket For Sale a good thing. Every generation learns the wrong lessons in their forebearers struggles.