32 Prospecting Tips to Help You Book More Sales Meetings

Sales prospecting helps you find potential customers who haven’t yet realized they have a problem—and therefore haven’t turned to search for solutions.

It helps you expedite the research process using fewer searches, answer questions the marketing team hasn’t created content for, and create a personal connection that makes your brand stand out when it’s time to make a purchasing decision.

But if everyone’s inboxes and calendars are full and people are prone to ignoring calls from phone numbers they don’t recognize, is it even possible to succeed with sales prospecting these days?

According to the results of our latest survey, It absolutely is!

We asked more than 50 sales professionals to share their most effective sales prospecting tips. With the provided answers, you can start self-generating leads, getting more calls on your calendar, and boosting the number of prospects who convert into customers.

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In this post, you will learn the following:

  • What is sales prospecting?
  • What are the best sales prospecting tools?
  • Which channel is best for prospecting?
  • 32 sales prospecting tips for booking more meetings


  1. What is Sales Prospecting?

Sales prospecting is the first step in the sales process. It involves identifying, engaging, and qualifying new opportunities (i.e. prospects) to add to your sales pipeline.

While the process varies based on the industry and type of business you run, prospecting usually involves:

  • Building your list
  • Vetting your prospects based on the likelihood of turning into a new deal
  • Engaging with your prospects – be it via email, social media, phone calls, in-person meetings, etc.

What are the Best Sales Prospecting Tools?

Just do a quick search on G2, Capterra, or even a quick Google search, and you’ll find hundreds of free and paid sales prospecting tools. These tools range from helping you build your list to finding contact information and engaging with prospects.

Here are 20 top-rated sales prospecting tools that will help you build your list and engage with prospects:

For Building your list

  1. Leadfeeder
  2. LeadIQ
  3. io
  4. Datanyze
  5. BuiltWeb
  6. Clutch
  7. Zoominfo
  8. Albacross Lead Generation
  9. Leadfuze
  10. Lead Connect
  11. AeroLeads
  12. io

For Engaging with prospects

  1. Linkedin Sales Navigator
  2. Drift
  3. Intercom
  4. Autoklose
  5. Engagebay
  6. Followerwonk
  7. Winmo
  8. io

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Which Channel is Best for Prospecting?

There are many different ways to get in touch with prospects—email, phone, social, and even direct mail—but which channel is the most effective?

Nearly 40% of our respondents voted email as the best channel, while almost 30% said phone was best:

“For me, email has been the most effective channel for booking qualified sales meetings,” says G2 Crowd’s Izabelle Hundrev.

“Treat your prospects like humans instead of people you’re trying to sell to. Be personable and communicate in the same way you would with a colleague. Be professional, but find ways to get creative and pique prospects’ interests. These are the easiest ways to stand out in a sea of emails filled with jargon and impersonal language.” 

Pro Moulds’ Charlie Worrall says phone is his most effective channel: “Getting on the phone with a potential client is one of the best ways to get a meeting scheduled, especially if you’re trying to talk to someone in the C-suite.”

A phone call helps to humanize your brand, gives it a voice, and adds a personal touch. It shows people that you care and that you are not just some faceless company. People are social beings, therefore, they enjoy human interaction and always prefer having a personal experience.

And Growth Hackers’ Jonathan Aufray says, “Social media is probably the most time-effective and cost-effective channel to fill your sales funnel with qualified prospects. Why? Because no matter who’s in your target audience, they’re on social media.

You could reach out to them by connecting on LinkedIn, running Facebook ads, posting engaging content on Instagram, or sharing your blog posts on Twitter. With social media, you’ve got so many options available and testing to do.”

But Jumpfactor’s Zamir Javer says there is no such thing as one best channel.

“Multichannel is the key today,” says Javer. “You can’t rely on one channel. You need to leverage email, social, display, mobile, search, and content to drive maximum engagement and get the most conversions. And finally, you have to be consistent. You can’t start and stop and expect to see results.”

32 Sales Prospecting Tips to Book More Meetings

  1. Define your ideal customer
  2. Research your prospects
  3. Use data to get a better understanding of your ideal customers
  4. Communicate your value proposition
  5. Send personalized outreach
  6. Be helpful
  7. Keep your emails short and sweet
  8. Get your timing right
  9. Make it to easy to book a meeting
  10. Use scheduling tools
  11. Be specific about the pain points you solve
  12. Pick up the phone
  13. Build trust with your email communication
  14. Combine phone and email outreach
  15. Create open feedback loops between sales and marketing
  16. Qualify your prospects
  17. Build discovery questions into your sales meetings
  18. Make sure your prospecting information is accurate
  19. Use Linkedin Sales Navigator
  20. Set daily or weekly prospecting benchmarks
  21. Prequalify prospects with a contact form on your website
  22. Sell the call, not the outcome
  23. Follow-up
  24. Verify you are attracting the right prospects
  25. Deliver great results
  26. Ask for referrals from your existing and past customers
  27. Be genuine
  28. Ask for feedback
  29. Create gated content
  30. Run paid ad campaigns to content that has driven the most organic leads
  31. Host niche events and webinars
  32. Incorporate video in your outreach