I've been experiencing game stuttering issues for a while now. It's affecting all my characters. Stuttering can be WOW TBC Gold unpredictable, however, it's usually reactive. When I switch between weapons (2h shield to shield and vice versa) I stutter. I also struggle to speak while opening from stealth on my rogue, in addition to dropping combat. However, it happens a lot, and a more frequently when there's a number of things going on, such as in a raid environment. I disabled all addons to test this, and the results are that there is less stuttering however it's present, which leads me to consider the source of this? It's unlikely that my computer is the issue. I've tried turning off addons, changing in-game video settings and reinstalling the game. Installing new bios or disable hyperthreading were among the methods I tried. Nothing seems to be helping. Is there any way to address this issue? It's very annoying. Imagine that your screen goes blank each when you switch from shield to spell reflect.
Update After all the work I did , and setting my FPS at the level that kept my card below 50% load, I was experiencing flickering when I ran the Kara raid last night. As such I decided to fully remove Freesync and THAT seemed to fix the issue.

I have disabled it using the monitors itself, both are the same brand but different sizes/models. I also disabled it in my AMD GPU settings. This seems to have solved the problem. I'll be watching to see whether any additional issues pop up.

Original Post It's been a while since I've had problems with flickering, but I'm not sure to call it complete in studdering. But for at least a while. It's a recurring issue and is difficult to diagnose. It was at the point where it was making me insane, so I decided that I would investigate.

The short version is that it is only just recently that Windows allowed multiple monitors' refresh rates In the past 13 years, Microsoft seems to have addressed an oft-ignored issue in the way Windows deals with multi-monitor refresh rates. Windows 10's Desktop Window Manager, (DWM), caused frame-skips and the stuttering of multiple monitors with different refresh rates. This issue appears to have been resolved by Windows 10's DWM 20H1, which has the ability to support hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling (WDDM 2.7). A Reddit user has demonstrated this issue.

This issue caused me to switch from a 144hz main display to a 60hz primary display, to one with 144hz. The cheap WOW TBC Classic Gold reason for this was that I didn't need to upgrade my system and my 60hz monitor was due to upgrade.