According to Wikipedia, SEO content writing services are one of the essential levers for the natural referencing of websites. Convinced of the need to take care of the editorial content and the semantic field of web pages, many companies have thus developed an SEO editorial team of experts. These content writing services professionals provide various services, from editorial creation to optimization, including training and editorial consulting.

SEO Content Writing Services: What Is It?

Content writing, also called content writing services, is essential Expertise for the natural referencing of a site. It involves creating, building, and optimizing the textual content of the pages according to the site's SEO strategy. This content must both respond to requests from Internet users and the rules imposed by search engines. Writing SEO content includes:

  • the creation of on-site content;
  • on-site content optimization;
  • optimization of the Hn tags structure of the pages;
  • writing off-site content (net linking articles, in particular);
  • the internal link;
  • optimization of URLs and meta tags.

The writing of web content incorporates the various elements taken into account by search engine algorithms, in particular:

  • a content length adapted to the page;
  • a sufficient occurrence of keywords;
  • a structure focused on SEO and UX;
  • informative content;
  • texts with perfect spelling and syntax.

The SEO web writing services also include different types of content:

  • blog posts;
  • category pages;
  • product overview pages;
  • the homepage;
  • FAQs;
  • link articles. 

Why is SEO Web Copywriting Different from Traditional Copywriting?

If SEO writers must ensure that they respect the basic rules of classic writing (spelling, grammar, etc.), this type of writing is distinguished by its structure and style. Indeed, the report of web content represents the company's image and makes the website's identity. In addition to the purely marketing aspect, which aims, through texts, to inform Internet users and push them to action (purchase, reservation, contact, etc.), SEO writing is, above all, designed to boost the performance of web pages. And their position in search results. It includes placing relevant keywords, selected jointly by the SEO and yourself, after an audit of your positioning and your target customers. These keywords will be rated in the body of the text.

It consists of creating, enriching, and optimizing the website pages using relevant editorial content for Internet users and the SERPs. As such, web writing is intended to answer the questions of people who visit your website and the algorithms that crawl your pages: if their rules are constantly changing, the trend is, however, to the user experience above all. It is, therefore, a question of creating high-quality content, offering reading fluidity and reliable information. In the same way, the text must catch the eye and provide accurate answers to questions asked by Internet users. Content that is well optimized for SEO is likely to show up in your site's rich snippet in search results. It can also appear among PPAs (People Also Ask) as well as in position zero.

What are the SEO Content Writing Services?

Contrary to appearances, SEO content writing services, like GAMIT are not necessarily a field reserved for experts. Any website owner can write content optimized for natural referencing, provided that they put into practice the essential rules of SEO writing. These include:

  1. to write on a subject consistent with your website and the requests of Internet users;
  2. integrate keywords searched on the internet;
  3. to rely on severe and specialized sources;
  4. to create unique content without duplicate content;
  5. to define a Hn structure as well as metadata;
  6. to produce content that is sufficiently long and suitable for web pages;
  7. to respect the semantic cocoon and to enrich your texts with a relevant lexical field;
  8. to take care of the readability of SEO content writing;
  9. to optimize the internal mesh.

Do you lack experience and skills in this area? Rely on the know-how of content writing services teams of writers specialized in SEO writing. The professionals can take care of your web content writing and pass on their knowledge through personalized training or editorial consulting.

The Prerequisites to Start Writing SEO Content

Do you want to start writing your website? First of all, specific prerequisites are essential. Indeed, this approach is not carried out without careful preparation: it is a question of offering Internet users and algorithms texts that are relevant, coherent, semantically rich, and adapted to SEO rules. The content must also best reflect the state of mind of your brand and provide information on your activity and your products or services. You must therefore first:

  1. carry out a keyword audit around the theme of your site;
  2. study the tree structure of your website;
  3. examine page structure and metadata;
  4. make an SEO copywriting plan for each page;
  5. Search for sources of information that will serve as support;
  6. monitor the latest developments in SERPs in terms of web content;
  7. use tools to enrich your semantic cocoon;
  8. train you in web content writing techniques.

The content writing services teams are at your disposal for all these preliminary steps. Count on the expertise of the SEO web editors to improve the content of your website, whether it's a showcase site or an online store! You can also follow the below steps to do your content writing work.

Determination of Persona

Before pleasing the algorithms, you must satisfy the Internet users because the primary purpose of a website is to inform your visitors and encourage them to come back to see you and to use your services. Satisfying Internet users also go in the direction of the SERPs: indeed, the latest developments tend to take care of the user experience as a priority (legibility of the text, logical and coherent Hn structure, short titles, regular paragraphs, etc.). In this sense, writing first involves defining your persona, in other words, the profile of your ideal client. It allows you to adjust the angle of your SEO writing and the tone (tone of voice) and know the search intent of Internet users (why did they type this keyword).

Construction of the Keyword Study

Once your target has been defined, you must carry out a study of keywords that corresponds to the potential requests of your customers and prospects. The goal? Respond with SEO-optimized content. This audit must be carried out using professional software. You can also use Google tools, such as Google Trends or Google Keyword Planner. It will be a question of defining the main keyword per page and several secondary keywords. At seo content writing services, this audit is a mission entrusted to SEO experts.

Define Your Page Structure

The selected keywords allow you to move on to the next step: defining the structure of your pages. Additional help consists of using semantic search software to know the length of the texts. The web editors recommend paragraphs of around 100 words between each subtitle. The ideal structure is to follow the titles hierarchy (H1, H2, H3…), provided you place only one H1 per page. The keywords must appear in each of these titles, the main one being placed on the H1. It will also be a question of following a certain coherence in the information: we start with an introduction (a short and impacting chapô) to make Internet users want to continue reading. Then, we develop our point starting from the essential to move toward the subsidiary subjects.

Other Essential Points in SEO Writing Regarding Structure:

  • integrating relevant questions, followed by short paragraphs (80 words maximum) to target AAPs;
  • the establishment of an internal link between the sister pages, in particular;
  • maintaining a good balance in the integration of keywords in the body of the text.

seo content writing services

Take Inspiration from Reliable Sources

You will have understood: that content writing services are not only about responding to the constraints imposed by the SERPs but about responding to requests from Internet users, who represent prospects for your business. It is, therefore, a question of informing them and providing them with reliable and relevant answers. This approach allows you to respect the Google EAT principle, namely:

  • show your Expertise;
  • represent an authority figure in your field;
  • arouse Confidence (Trust) and interest.

It is, therefore, a question of drawing inspiration, for each web page, from severe and reliable sources, which make it possible to provide the elements expected by your visitors. If it is a showcase site, provide complete answers about your services and products, and invite your visitors to contact you for more information. You can go further in sharing information and advice in your blog posts. Again, do not hesitate to rely on sources of qualitative data.

Our Advice for an Optimized SEO Writing

It is crucial to go beyond the essential rules and go beyond them, adapting these rules to the specificities of your activity. To go further and optimize the writing of your web content, follow the advice of our experts.

Respond to the Search Intent of the Targeted Keyword

First, it is a question of clearly responding to the search intent of the Internet user. He may want to:

  • obtain simple information;
  • find a product that meets their expectations;
  • buy a product or service.

In these three cases, as a writer, you must demonstrate consistency, clarity, and conciseness while providing the element that is the subject of the request. For example, you can provide details on an item you are selling, describing the technical details of the object and its functionalities. In your SEO writing strategy, you can also answer a question by providing factual elements or providing advice. You can also support your customers in their buying process. This article, designed by seo content writing services teams of experts, has taught you the basics of SEO content writing.