Every lab worker knows that a good work table can make all the difference in their work. After working on projects for hours, a solid surface to rest your tools and experiment materials is just what you need. You also want something that will help your experiments go smoothly and provide the perfect environment for all of your experiments. Here are must-have features for your lab work table. If you are getting a new work table for your lab, then consider these features a must for them:

Clean and Stable Surface              

A solid surface can be very important if you are trying experiments involving liquids or gases that might spill or cause other messes. You don't want to be trying to do delicate experiments and maneuvering your materials around an unstable surface. Ensure that the Laboratory Work Tables you are getting comes with a smooth finish to reduce scratches on delicate equipment and materials.

Built-in Lighting                                       

Many tables have lighting built into them. If yours does not, you will at least want to put in a lamp so you can see what you are working with. Make sure the work table has a plug and is positioned near an outlet so it is easy to access. You want your table to be practical and safe, so take care not to set up the lights in a way that could cause a fire or be unsafe if the light were knocked over.


Make sure that your work table has plenty of room for all of your equipment, notes, and materials while leaving some space to move around and do your experiments without knocking things over or getting in the way. Many work tables have a drawer or some type of built-in compartment where you can keep everything organized. This is great for keeping your supplies clean and easily accessible.

A Global Lab Supply work table will also help ensure that your experiments run smoothly and that you don't waste valuable time cleaning up a messy work area after each session.  Some worktables come with special storage compartments for different items and make everything organized in your workspace.

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