The massive rise of video marketing and influencer marketing has increased the demand for video editing software. Today, anyone can quickly shoot videos through smartphones and DSLRs and edit videos.

While this has raised the interest among content creators, to shoot videos and edit on their own. And many get confused in choosing the best suitable video editing software, due to the dozens of software available on the internet.

Amid this confusion, we have brought you the top 5 video editing software. This software will help you edit your raw footage with ease, and improve its standard.

With this list of software, you can edit any kind of video, from reels to vlogs, from short films to corporate videos. So, get ready to choose the best suitable one for you! These are the top 5 video editing software for 2022 that we recommend as a Website designing company in Delhi. The list has a fusion of software for everyone, one who is willing to learn to edit, one who wants to try new software, and one who is looking for the best software. We hope that these recommendations have helped you!

Top 5 video editing software

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is widely popular amongst video editors across the world. This software is user-friendly and loaded with abundant features. However, Premiere Pro holds the brand value of Adobe, which makes it more popular among beginners as well.

Whereas “Adobe” is known for its extensive range of niche editing software. And this has kept the Premiere Pro at the top as well.

This software is suitable for professionals and beginners, where you can edit videos at a basic level for professionals. You will also have an integrated video editing experience with its features, and get an undegradable quality output.

2. Apple Final Cut Pro:

Apple Final Cut Pro is another popular and industry-standard video editing software, which is used across the world by movie and television professionals. It is a tough competitor to the Adobe Premiere Pro, however, to use Final Cut Pro you need to have Mac.

Also, this software is not based on a subscription model. You need to purchase the software while installation, and that’s it, you can use it until you wish to.

Final Cut Pro comes with various high-end features and a simple user interface, which makes it easy to use with quality video editing.

To know more about Final Cut Pro, check out this quick gun details

3. Movavi Video Editor Plus:

Movavi Video Editor Plus is an innovative software. However, it might not be the frequently popping name among your editor friends, but it is like a magic wand for beginners. Where you can learn, use, and experiment using various advanced features with a simple interface.

We use the Movavi Video Editor on a daily basis, and we say that this is the best go-to software, if you are a Youtuber, if you are editing short films, or if you are editing short marketing videos, then look nowhere.

With Movavi, you edit a quality video of transitions and effects. Along with this, you can directly upload it on Youtube or Vimeo. And this software has the fastest output rendering among its competitors.

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