Consumers are well conscious of the overexploitation of natural resources and the environmental issues associated with it. Plant-based products are developed as a potential replacement for meat, and seafood-based products offer great potential for preventing premature deaths and limiting Green House Gas Emissions. Markets and Markets approximate that by 2025, the plant-based meat market’s value will reach a value of US$27.9 billion from US$12.1 billion in 2020. The nutritional sense was explored historically with products such as seitan, tempeh, tofu, and soy. The current research and development focus on developing and producing a sustainable method of recreating conventional meat that tastes like real meat. We can see products such as chunks, patties, burgers, and sausages made from plant-based sources. At this stage, processing technologies such as extrusion cooking, freeze alignment, spinning, and shear cell technologies are used to develop these products. These technologies are used to texturize the protein from oilseeds, grains, and pulses forming various structures. Quorn has been using fermentation techniques to grow mycoproteins to produce alternative meat. Typical plant-based beef is made from texturized or non-texturized proteins with a bottom-up approach where individual fibers are assembled to flesh-like structures. On the other hand, a top-down approach could be utilized where the dough is formed into structured meat-like products using extrusion technology

What are the plant protein sources of interest?


What is lab-based meat production?


Food Research Lab can help you solve these problems related to the formulation of vegan meat. FRL is for food and nutraceutical manufacturers as well as those companies involved in NPD and developing spec without manufacturing. FRL gives you the ability to improve all phases and aspects of new product development, such as original specification, ideation, shelf-life, and packaging. Additionally, you can get them out to market quicker than ever before.


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