How Do Payroll Services Work?

Whether you choose payroll software, online payroll services, or a comprehensive payroll service provider, all payroll services work the same way.

You provide the necessary payroll information. This can come in the form of entering data manually for payroll software or submitting employee information to a third-party payroll service.

A payroll service calculates how much your employees should be paid each pay period.

A payroll service files and pays payroll taxes for you. This includes withholding employee taxes, filing tax reports, and paying tax withholdings to the proper government agencies.

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Basic Payroll Service Features

  • Automated Tax Payments and Filings: Both payroll software and service providers will file federal and state taxes.
  • Employee Payment: Several options for payroll distribution are available through a payroll provider.
  • Tracking: Vacation time, sick days, and paid time-off (PTO) accruals can all be tracked. Keep up with voluntary deductions and wage garnishments as well.
  • Reporting: New hire reporting and tax report filing.
  • Customer Support: Both payroll software vendors and payroll service providers deliver varying levels of customer support to keep operations running smoothly.

Payment Distribution Options

  • Direct Deposit: This is the easiest and safest way to pay employees. Payroll is distributed directly to each employee’s bank account of choice. Paystubs can be printed out or viewed online, depending on your service.
  • Printed Checks On-Site: Checks and paystubs are printed by your business using pre-printed computer check forms.
  • Third-Party Check Distribution: Checks from your account are printed by your payroll service provider and delivered to your place of business for pay day.
  • Handwritten Checks: You always have the option to handwrite checks and manually keep track of paystubs.
  • Payroll Cards: If employees do not have a bank account, electronic deposits can still be made with a payroll debit card. If this service interests you, ask your payroll service provider how to get started.

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