When you hear about heavy duty cable protectors, what do you think about them? Would that be an insurance policy that protects your cable service or a sheath that fits over the strong wire on cable cars? Those may exist, but that's not what we're going to cover here.

Heavy Duty Cable Protectors

Heavy duty Cable protector is very valuable in guarding wires, cords, and cables from foot and tire traffic, and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and functions to keep people safe. The details are interesting, and it's amazing that there is an industry dedicated to protecting property from crashing to the ground that keeps the public from tripping.

Heavy Duty Cable Protectors Description

In a hectic business environment, whether it's an industrial or commercial setting, numerous products of work and communication have to be plugged in to keep up with the business.

Sometimes, when the building is older with few plugs or if there are more than usual demands upon an office or other work venue, these lines will cross the floor and cause a tripping hazard. Covering these cables is of utmost importance, not only to cover liability but to shield the item that is plugged into the cord from being pulled off a desk or even harming the cord so it does not work properly.

Low Profile

Most protectors are low profile, in that they do not rise about the floor more than two inches while holding cables that can be up to 1.3 inches in diameter. The modular, interlocking protectors typically come in 36-inch widths and can hold one to five to 100 lines and have accessories to make the lines turn, have a four-way crossing, and even end caps.

Easy Access

Heavy Duty Cable Protectors are fashioned with a hinged, easy-access lid that opens to allow swapping out of wires and cables in a fast-paced setting. It's easy to set them up, and they provide a continuous, level crossing surface for traffic by foot or even car or truck. The more heavy-duty variety can withstand sometimes 21,000 pounds of pressure per wheel making it a great way to insure your lines and attached property are safe.