A  book review writing is a standard assignment you come across often during your academic years. Such reviews are always helpful when a person wants to decide whether to buy a book. However, in a world where everyone is a critic online, it has become pretty challenging to find a genuine book review writing service that stimulates the mind and helps the reader make an informed decision.   

A book review is a critical venture that isn't just a compressed version of the plot you can get from any random summary maker online. Instead, this kind of writing allows you to dissect the author's work and highlight your skills as a thinker. Book reviews have been around for thousands of years, occupying a significant portion of literature.

While everyone is familiar with  what  a book review is, not many know  how to go about it. It's not as simple as reading a book once and writing what you think of it. On that note, let's look at the five common mistakes that you can make in a book review writing exercise.  

1. Spend a majority of the review reiterating the plot 

A proper book review should have a summary, in the beginning, to contextualize the book and help those readers who have not heard of it. However, that does not mean you need to overdo it.

The purpose of book review writing is not to retell the book's contents but to evaluate them. There's a delicate balance between just the right amount of summary and making your entire review a compilation of the significant points in the book. The sooner you figure out that distinction, the better your book reviews will be.  Do you need MBA Assignment help writer 

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2. Use complex ornamental language

Many students fall into the trap of showing off their language skills in their book reviews. However, you have to remember the aim here is not to show how wonderfully you can weave your words. Instead, your review should be easy to comprehend for the reader. 

Using excellent linguistic techniques and grandiose terms might make your review sound good, but whether the reader can make sense of those words is what matters most.  If you are looking for help   ask us to provide the " help with math homework ", You  get Great assistance for Mathmetics.


3. Repeating points throughout the review 

When making a particularly crucial point of argument, you may repeat the same thing multiple times to ensure that the reader does not miss it. However, reiterating the same thing, again and again, can make them feel you're forcing yourself to prove a point. This can undercut their confidence from your entire review.  If you are looking for professional essay writer  to your academic help, You can get the best help by our writers.

4. Lean into your bias

In  book review writing , you have to be as objective as possible. Most readers can quickly detect when a review is genuine by going through the first few sentences. A positive review filled with praises of an author that you love will always create suspicion, especially if the work itself does not live up to those glorious expectations.

The best way to avoid this conflict of interest is to never review something that someone close to you has published. No matter how much you try to be objective in your writing, there is bound to be some bias towards the work.

5. Have a lack of criticism in the work

Books reviews that seem as if they came straight out of a  summary generator  or those reviews containing nothing but the positive words are not the most ideal. No piece of work that is perfect. Literary classics like  War And Peace ,  Pride And Prejudice ,  Gone With The Wind , and others all have their shortcomings.  Students often need computer network assignment help USA , for their networking assignment.   

Hence, a book review needs to be a thorough criticism of the entire work. Otherwise, there's no possible way that readers will understand how it compares to other bodies of work of the same genre.

A  book review writing assignment can be highly complex work, especially as you have to present your objective views to both the author and the readers. Therefore, this exercise is perfect for cultivating your critical thinking and analytical skills.


With the widespread use of the internet, writing a book review and garnering millions of views has become pretty standard. Thus, this article dives into the common mistakes you might make when reviewing any work


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