Metrosexual is no longer a dirty word. Just the opposite, men who take care of themselves and actively pursue self-improvement are not only accepted but more and more recognized as trendsetters. Women appreciate metro sexuality; other men are taking notice and follow the trend; the society has no problem with well-groomed men. Needless to say, a man who takes care of himself has a competitive edge in a business world as well. Those who look the part get promoted first, have more career opportunities and usually higher income. In other words, metro sexuality is good for you and is gradually becoming the norm.




For the sake of this article, let's focus on just one aspect: Body Contouring Near Me for men who care about their overall appearance. Both men and women suffer from stubborn fat deposits that afflict even the healthiest and fittest of us. The fat distribution in males and females however follows distinctly different patterns.


For men the main areas of concern are: excessive breast tissue, the infamous "love handles" and neckline. Some men want to improve what Nature gave them; some want to fight signs of aging; others take interest in Body Contouring Near Me after they've lost a large amount of weight. All of them are valid reasons and the issues they present can be successfully addressed with Body Contouring Near Me for men.


Excess breast tissue is considered effeminate which is why males are anxious to get rid of it. The male flanks compromise the male body's contour making the whole silhouette much less attractive. The neckline can be misshapen by excess fat or sagging.


There are areas of the body where fat deposits are temporary and can be gotten rid off with a regimen of a healthy diet and exercise. Some fat pockets form regardless of one's lifestyle and are impossible to get rid of. Some may be inherited: you might be genetically predisposed to having them. In the last two cases, no diet and no exercise will help you liberate yourself from the unsightly fat. Non-Invasive Body Contouring


All of these issues can be resolved with Body Contouring Near Me for men. Depending on the size of your fat deposits the solution may be either liposuction for men or liposculpture for men. Liposuction is appropriate for larger fat deposits, while the smaller ones are handled better with liposculpture.


How doesBody Contouring Near Me for men work?


Until recently, the only available body-contouring options were laser- and ultra sound-based. (Both technologies compel the physician to take stringent safety measures to prevent internal and external burns to the patient which has some impact on the quality of the outcome.) Recently, the FDA has approved a new minimally-invasive, safe and precise Body Contouring Near Me technology.


The breakthrough I'm referring to is the Euromi High Definition Liposuction and Liposculpture technology. The device isn't heat-assisted and consequently, the physician doesn't have the constraints typical with laser or ultra-sonic devices. The microcannula used in Euromi High Definition Liposuction and Liposculpture (a thin, hollow metal instrument used in Body Contouring Near Me for men produces low frequency -10Hz - vibration.


The vibration stimulates the body's natural pain defense and causes an endorphin release that begins about 30 minutes from the start of the procedure and continues for up to 36 hours thereafter acting as a natural pain control. (The microcannula itself is much thinner than those used with other liposuction technologies: it is a mere 2 millimeter in diameter which is approximately the size of a tip of a pen.) Because the cannula is tiny and vibration-assisted the physician is able to reach any area of the body that requires better definition without a risk to the patient. Even those genetically-predetermined fat deposits that consist of particularly fibrous fat cells can be liposuctioned successfully with the Euromi technology.