But first i need do tree gnome village quest. I also don't have 43 prayer. The guide is available here at sal's. It mentions wearing prayer and OSRS Gold adoration. Would I really need that stuff? I also read lots of things about poison so carrying a lot poisonous pots is essential? Just notice i posted this on runescape discussions can someone move it to questions? *

Today was basically me playing around using my broomstick, which I hadn't used for a while. I noticed jagex has updated it in the animation pack. They have made the bottom darker and one thing I like about it is the exaggerated strut that you take as you take. It's like walking as you sweep and I think it's quite amazing. So yeah, just wanted to let you guys know that the broomstick appears a lot better than it did before. I'm looking forward to the next animation pack.

"Woah dude, how did you make this animation?" This is a quick job I didn't have to spend time fixing little errors. It's not that difficult. Okay, first of all I downloaded a screen-recorder In this instance, I used hypercam, but I've heard Camstasia is much better. I didn't like it. That's it.

Make sure you choose the Record Region in the screen recorder that records the exact thing you want, in this case me walking. Then, save the video to a format that windows can open. Next, go to windows media and load the video.

It's now time to get tedious. Begin frame-by-frame and duplicate every image you like. Then save the frames in paint. The next step is to Cheap Old School RS Gold save the sequenced pictures as numbers. Save the first frame as 1. The second as 2, and the next as.