I'm honestly shocked that they even reacted to this. The one thing that makes me cautiously optimistic is how they stated they would give updates about the changes before the games launch, I was fully expecting a"We're too close to start to make any changes, but it's something we'll look at to Madden 21 coins the future". Hopefully this really gets shit done. 1 month is not really enough time to check things. I see people asking for radio shows and newspapers and such but when they added these, it might be adding chocolate sauce into three loaf of compost.

They could literally mend franchise mode with stains. Unless we see significant improvements throughout Madden 21, they are filled with shit. As they usually are. Sad thing is no one will hold off purchasing the game, which is exactly what it would require them to actually make the game better. Like we are asking you to fix fundamental franchise mode features that you have literally had in previous decades. Do your job.... We been complaining about this shit for years so we will see. I will not believe a word before I have a legitimate franchise style on my screen. Actively working on strengthening plans to encourage business in Madden 21 and beyond. They're going to have to win back all the players they alienated this year.

I'm not purchasing M21 unless you can find SIGNIFICANT franchise developments. But I am not getting it until late in the year after it's on sale even though that does happen. So perhaps if they actually listen for cheap Madden nfl 21 coins once, it is going to be rewarding but I am not expecting much of anything else. I'm hoping M22 will actually give franchise the changes it warrants. People have been asking for the same thing with Career Mode on FIFA games for years, and nothing changed.