Caring for your semi precious gemstone jewelry should not take much of your energy. With a few simple steps, you can be assured that with conventional care and a few simple steps that can help your synthetic diamond to shine like new. Depending on the type of semi-precious stones you own, cleaning them must not be a big deal at all. Remember, cleaning your jewelry after several uses is the better alternative rather than keeping the build-up for long. Not only that, but frequent cleaning helps the gem to maintain its luster and look new.


To keep your gems beautiful as they need to be, abide by these 5 simple rules:


Clean porous, opaque gems such as the synthetic opal with a soft muslin cloth. Just a few strokes should eliminate any debris or other dirt or dust you might have come into contact and it will eliminate everything. Do not, under any conditions use an ultrasonic cleaner to remove impurities coming on the surface. Harsh detergents build up inside gemstones and lead to other issues like dullness.


Use a mild liquid detergent and soft cloth or brush for gems that are in quartz form. No harsh scrubbing is required. Simply rub the cloth or brush gently on the surface of the gem and you are good to go. Rinse with tepid or cold water and pat dry it.


Do not use chemical soaps on the corals, amber, turquoise, or Artificial Sapphire. Taking a soft cloth to clean is all that is required for these gemstones and get the best things. Also, remember that these stones can lose their power in the heat and can get deformed if not taken care of properly.


Remember to use any perfumes, hairspray, or body lotions prior to wearing anything on your body. The build-up and chemicals in this stuff can damage the beauty of gems over time and leave the condition actually bad and ruined.


Handle your gems with natural care. Correctly putting your gemstone jewelry is a must in keeping your jewelry looking as new as it can be. If you are putting it in an awkward place like in a distorted condition then it can lead to various different issues. Remember to store pieces that are easily scratched wrapped in velvet that can dodge the chances of cuts and cracks.


Also, remember to remove jewelry before swimming and sunbathing. Chemicals such as chlorine or shampoos do constant damage and should be withdrawn at all times. Furthermore, when doing any kind of housework, such as dishes or planting - make sure to remove gemstone jewelry to halt further deterioration. Follow these rules and you can save major luster. 


Keeping these 5 simple rules intact can considerably increase the lifespan of your natural gemstone jewelry.

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