While it is 2K MT possible for fans to construct their player to be an elite ball handler, they will need to remain with the flow of the offensive game to achieve their goals. This, in conjunction with less sticky motion at defenses, accurate animations for steals and more efficient rebounding and blocking mechanics makes the fight between defense and offense more entertaining.

That becomes especially true in online play. For instance, whether it's head-tohead games in MyTeam, pickup games in The City, or some 5-on-5 at the Rec NBA 2K23 rewards players who work in tandem with each other across both teams. Correctly setting up picks, and correctly swapping assignments or fighting through screens can make the difference between a monster jam or a missed shot.

It is a good choice for AI opponents, however when these changes occur it can be a bit difficult to defend against the AI may be unprotectable when they first start their journey. It's not often but when the moment is here, it can be excruciating.

It's impossible to talk about two games with an emphasis on MyCareer since it's the most played mode in previous iterations. NBA 2K23 brings several changes and less focus on character backstory, new ways of engaging with The City, and new opportunities to build a brand. Players don't have to endure a long narrative of one of the basketball players who turned into a football star, and instead get immediately into playing their college basketball games.

The story will continue into the League with drama between players, the coaches, along with the athlete. While it might not be filled with an enormous amount of depth however, it's a story that anyone can connect to and, regardless of the subject matter, players can still be beginning their games within 10-12 minutes when they can turn their minutes up and play effectively.

For the NBA narrative of MyCareer, players will have to navigate through the complex world of modern sports, deciding if they want to keep their hand down regarding team issues within the team or share their thoughts on social media. The game will also include new features to create brand recognition off the field such as Cheap NBA 2K23 MT establishing a rapper career to hanging out on the town with Jake in State Farm to create an oddly immersive sim.