Truth will never be suppressed and as the light begins to illuminate the truth, the world will see the facts as they truly are, regardless of the deceptions being espoused by the world’s governments and the mainstream media. As a result, this time in human history is an incredibly important.

In today's society the control of information is in the hands of the elit. We are being indoctrinated through the education system and brainwashed through mainstream media. Information, knowledge, is power. If you can control information, you can control people. That's how the elit thinks.

It had been going on for thousands of years in the world that truth was tried to be suppressed and eliminated, but there were always smaller groups of people working for the benefits of all humanity and they preserved, discovered and revealed all the information that was tried to be hidden from the masses.

Today's censorship is only the repetition of history. In earlier times books were burnt and witches were hunted, and now poeple who dare to speak out are silenced by censorship. But truth can never be suppressed and people with good intentions can not be silenced...

One of these smaller groups today is a group of medical doctors, experts and influencers from the field of holistic healing and they presented a lot of important information at the Advanced Medicine Conference held in May 2021. Their mission is to empower the global society with as much information and knowledge as possible, so that no one can be victimized and be taken advantage of ever again. Their medical goal as an organization is to create and provide medical advances to change lives for the better, based on scientific research and reproducible observation, to create highly efficacious treatment modalities and wellness technologies that benefit the world. 

If you are interested what precious information these beautiful and courageous souls have to share with you, click on the names and find out more on our new censorship free, blockchain based, entertainment platform, Interactive Medias ExchangeDr. ButtarDr. Lee MerrittDr. Christiane NorthrupEileen McKusickLeila CentnerLois LayneeRobert Scott BellSayer Ji.