The number of cryptocurrencies in the market is rising, and the need for crypto exchange platforms too. Unlike fiat currencies, cryptocurrency can be purchased or sold only through an authorized cryptocurrency exchange platform. This is the right time for you to launch your Cryptocurrency Exchange platform. A White-label Crypto Exchange script development company offers you a white-label crypto exchange solution that can be customized as per your requirements.  

Top crypto exchange clone script:

  • Binance clone script
  • Coinbase clone script
  • Wazirx clone script
  • Kucoin clone script
  • Remitano clone script
  • Kraken clone script
  • Paxful clone script
  • Huobi clone script
  • Localbitcoins clone script
  • Poloniex clone script


Vital features of a White-label Cryptocurrency Exchange Script:

Multi-coin support and Fiat support:

 This feature enables users to use multiple cryptocurrencies for trading and allows users to buy crypto coins using fiat currencies.

High Transaction per second:

This feature allows several transactions to take place at the same time without any lag in the platform and offers a high-quality trading experience to the users.

Advanced Trading Engine:

An advanced trading engine allows users to trade seamlessly without any delay.

KYC and AML:

The KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) features increase the security of the cryptocurrencies and can prevent fraudulent activities.

Liquidity Integration

This feature allows users to convert crypto to fiat and fiat to cryptocurrency immediately with a secure API connection to increase the liquidity of the users.

High-Level Security

The cryptocurrency exchange comes with robust built-in security to prevent any attacks. 

The craze for cryptocurrency in the market is high, and you can consider turning it in your favor by launching a crypto exchange platform with White-label Cryptocurrency Exchange scripts.