As FIFA 23's release date draws closer, we'll reveal the game's English-speaking team and report on some new gameplay options.

In the last two years, FIFA's commentary team has been cleaned up by EA.
Since FIFA 12, we've gotten used to hearing Martin Tyler and Alan Smith on the airwaves. But in FIFA 21, the long-serving duo was replaced by Derek Rae and Lee Dixon. Dixon only spent one full game cycle in the shared commentary box before being replaced by former West Ham midfielder Tuart Robson. Rae will continue to serve as the president of FIFA 22. The Scot is qualified to comment across Europe and not only has his own unique take on the game, he also has the perfect pronunciation of player names. Whenever the names of some star players appear under the commentary of the commentators, it always makes many fans excited, so for FIFA 23, UTnice has become an opportunity to get their favorite players, and a lot of cheap FUT 23 Coins make players They can easily form their own strong team.

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Meanwhile, Alex Scott has been selected to be the sideline reporter for FIFA 22. This is no surprise to Alex Scott, who has traditionally played this role in competitions. Under Alex Scott's speech, people felt her reporting seemed more real.

In addition to this, Scott became the first English-speaking female FIFA match commentator. It has been a momentous moment for women and girls at FIFA and around the world since the Arsenal and England legend played. "Representation is critical and the game is changing because of an English-speaking female FIFA commentator, and the impact is huge."

Selected and new options for commenting teams in FIFA 23 confirmed
Derek Rae and Stewart Robson will once again serve as English commentators for FIFA 23, while Alex Scott will continue to serve as a sideline reporter.
One obvious change is that Scott will be joining the commentary team this year, so she's not just playing the sideline reporter role, she'll be working with Rae to comment on several new movie scenes - which will appear before the game. . The purpose of this animation is to enhance the game presentation system in FIFA 23, which not only improves the crowd visuals, but also makes the sound in the stadium more dynamic and layered. As the final book of the much-anticipated FIFA series, FIFA 23 has undoubtedly attracted a large number of fans, so there must be a strong crowd in the Ultimate Team mode, so how can you become the best in the upcoming FIFA 23? For this I think is your best bet and give you an edge by buying a lot of cheap FIFA 23 coins at UTnice which will give you quick access to your favourite players.