As an alternative to conventional wet paint solvents, powder coating provides a superior and environmentally friendly method of applying paint. Solvents are added to traditional wet paints, causing them to become sticky and increase their adhesion to the surface of the material required.

Powder coatings act in a slightly different way when the powdered materials are sprayed or added to the substrate in an atomized powder application. An electrostatic charge is introduced to the material throughout spraying, enabling the powder to be drawn to the surface.

It is baked in an oven once the substrate is properly coated. This allows the surface to bond & melt the powder layer to yield a resilient, sleek, & strong coating. A powder-coated product's high consistency is easily visible. Forming a sealed coat of paint around it, it is seamless in appearance & covers the body, which significantly decreases the impact of rust & has excellent scratch-resistant properties.

The use of powder coating facilitates the fast collection & reuse of any overspray in automated systems. When applying, traditional wet paint spray will waste as much as 50percent & is not salvageable. Powder coating can help make tremendous savings because the excess powder can easily be collected & then re-applied to another product, and it also helps in reducing labor costs. Hence Powder coating provides a superior, durable & cost-effective method of paint finishing.

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