The fact that folks here are really behaving like this can be a meaningful gesture is so fucking baffling. EA literally moved out of its way to wash his name out of Madden nfl 21 coins their games two decades straight, but this thread is making it look like they have contributed millions. It is pure fucking insanity. It is the definition of slacktivism. It'd be more honest when they had said nothing in any way. Rather, they are gonna push out a bullshit PR announcement about how they stand with the black community and then in a few months turn around and sell a product containing a company that has a history of stifling and punishing black voices. I never mentioned"Let's strike a business for doing the ideal thing." You can remain optimistic of matters looking up, which I frequently am. If your buddy hurts your feelings, they have to regain your confidence. You don't thank them every time from then on whenever they are being nice.

Wait, why don't you? If a friend of mine hurt me and then made an attempt to be fine I would absolutely need to tell them I appreciate their efforts. Positive reinforcement is a great thing. It assists people behave better, who is to say it can't create a corporation behave better too? If EA returned no advantages from"doing the bare minimum of human decency" then they wouldn't do even the bare minimum. It is worth rewarding them for it like it's well worth rewarding a problem kid for doing their finest to get daily. EA (and people generally ) shouldn't support black individuals for any reason beyond the fact that it's the right thing to do. Benefits come from great behaviour, you should not be on good behavior for the benefits. After I visit EA donate to the causes or implement efforts to help out black developers or things of that type, then I'll praise them. We only should demand a high standard and stop letting firms off the hook easily. I am of the mindset that offset culture is mostly bad and people should be encouraged to change and enhance. But we shouldn't let ourselves to be played by firms who are, at the end of the afternoon, trying to remove all barriers in the way of getting our money.

Benefits come from great behavior, you should not be on good behavior for those added benefits. And I believe that is the case even for people too: if you need someone to act in a moral manner the ideal way to do that is to give them the ideal incentives and benefits to create behaving morally the greatest and most attractive solution for them. If you don't then your society will be unstable.This is where I see that this argument breaking down. Corporations aren't people, they don't have any built-in moral instincts. If they behave morally, it's because they gain, there's no other reason. Either because there's pressure from their employees to act in ways consistent with the morals and beliefs of the employees, or outside pressure from consumers or governments. Once I see EA donate to the causes or implement initiatives to assist out black developers or things of this sort, then I will praise them. We just should demand a higher standard and quit letting firms off the hook so easily.Not surprising when you're the only licensed football game at a quarantined year which has delayed this season. The fans are starved of their favorite sport. The season is not delayed it's still starting punctually, next Thursday. I know some people get up for this because they are desperate for soccer, but it is just so dull and doesnt tell you anything. I've seen teams go winless and win the superbowl, and other teams conquer preseason and have awful years.

Dont know why im downvoted either considering I actually work with the NFL broadcasting group and have all the numbers at my desk. There wasn't anything on your first remark that hinted that you'd"inside" knowledge. You're likely being downvoted by men and women who have watched preseason. Educated opinions do not actually work on reddit. I've learned to stop commenting on things involving my area of work because some snarky adolescent who does not have any clue what they are talking about is going to be upvoted from the hivemind who also has no clue what they are talking about.

"nobody watches the preseason" is an entirely meaningless comment. Individuals who say they are going to boycott are often people that never had any motive to buy in the first place. Yep. Additionally, the majority of the time people who are up to date with the newest gaming controversies aren't just sports fans, which is obviously the largest playerbase of sports games. I believe a lot of individuals forget about this. For a lot of madden 2k etc. buyers that is gont be 1 of maybe 4 of 5 games they purchase that year they do not care about any controversy. Hell as a huge basketball and buy mut coins madden 21 video game enthusiast I know 2k is fucking me but I really like basketball and play with 2k religiously and with friends why would I not buy it lol.