Right, subsequently cast a curse to level 25, Varrock teleport to level 37, Falador teleport to level 43. Then comes Superheat. Because you'll need at least 15 Smithing to generate iron bars(or even 30 for RuneScape gold steel bars; both are very good, is dependent on personal preference) I'd say train your Smithing (and Mining while you're at it) There is also an inexpensive way to level up magic. Do Imp Catcher pursuit and Witch's Potion mini-quest. Gets your mage up to level 9. Get up your defense just a bit, then buy from the Grand Exchange: staff of air, magician hat (black or blue, it does not matter), magician shirt (again either blue or black), amulet of magic, leather chaps/gloves (for defense).

Mage the cows near Beefy Bill, making sure to deposit raw beef and cowhides into your bank account, utilizing Beefy Bill. If needed, cast the free spell (you have a staff of air equipped) called wind rush till you have sufficient mage level (magic level 13) to throw a fire attack. Then cast fire strike the remainder of the way. A very affordable way to level up a magical level.

I think you asked the same question twice? Anyways, the next is the best set-up in my opinion: Full gear: Guthan's / Proselyte / Verac's. Cape: Soul Wars Cape / Ardy Cloak 2/3 / / Fire Cape / Skillcape (t) / Ardy Cloak 1 The (t). Shield: God Book / / Falador shield 2 / 3 / Rune Defender. Necklace: Fury / / Stole / Unholy Symbol / Holy Symbol. Gloves: Recipe for OSRS buy gold  Disaster gloves (Barrows/Dragon) / / Regen necklace / Combat bracelet. Weapon: Abyssal whip / Saradomin Sword / Godsword (Saradomin advocated ). Ring: Berserker ring / Warrior Ring / Explorer's ring 3/4