I can easily tell if a client is psychic because I'm an astrologer, tarot reader, and occult practitioner. Some planetary positions in a birth chart, card spreads, or even casual conversations about manifesting can show how a person sees things beyond what they can feel or see. Even though I love meeting other psychics and want to share what I've learned, I'm always careful. Being psychic isn't easy, and many people have the wrong idea about what it really means to have this gift. You need to be patient, practice, and love yourself a lot if you want to be psychic.

When most of us hear the word "psychic," we think of a neon-lit storefront with crystal balls, fog machines, and other "smoke and mirrors" devices that make supernatural things happen. Parents tell us from a young age that these services are scams, so we start to think of psychic gifts in general as sketchy and fake. We don't always believe the strange things that happen to us as kids, and even as adults who are interested in fortune-telling, we are quick to roll our eyes when we hear the word "psychic."

Before we can use our extrasensory abilities, many of us have to separate this idea from lying. Even though there are a lot of con artists who lie about their abilities or make them up, these people are not psychic. Instead, they take advantage of people who are gullible or weak by making them afraid. Most of the time, pretending to be psychic is just one way for these scam artists to make money.


On the other hand, psychics are just people who can see, hear, feel, sense, taste, or have an intuition about things that happen outside of the physical world. It's hard, or maybe even impossible, to say for sure what "normal" thinking is in society. We've been taught to believe that what we know about the world is pretty solid, after all. We think that everyone else knows that the sky is blue and can tell when someone is sad. But as we keep adding to this list, we quickly notice that some of them are becoming less common among our peers. Because of this, many of us become aware of our own special psychic abilities.

The range of the mind

At their core, psychic skills are an innate ability to process sensory data—both things you can touch and things you can't—on a very deep emotional, physical, or spiritual level. This is, of course, a very broad definition. Extrasensory gifts vary a lot in how strong they are and how they can be used, so it's best to think of psychic skills as being on a spectrum. 

Imagine four friends getting together for dinner to get a sense of this range. The first person to arrive goes to the host stand, talks to the maitre d', and is shown to their table. After she sits down, she realizes that she doesn't have a fork and that her water glass is already full. She is pretty thirsty, so she takes a sip.

Not long after that, the second friend walks into the restaurant. When he walks up to the host stand, he sees that the maitre d' is looking at Instagram on her phone. Not knowing if the maitre d' is bored or angry, the second person gently greets the host to get his or her attention. The host is kind and welcoming, and the second person feels better right away. The host shows the second person to the table, where he sits down, says hello to his friend, and then looks over the menu.

Third friend walks into the restaurant. As she walks up to the host stand, she is overwhelmed by all the things she sees and hears. The restaurant is decorated in bright colors, the servers move quickly, and a loud man in the back of the room seems to be leading the conversation. His attitude is rude and pushy, and his young children look both embarrassed and afraid. Will they grow up to act like him, or will they reject his ways and become soft and submissive? The third friend is suddenly brought back to reality when the maitre d' asks how she can help. As soon as she sits down at the table, she tells everyone what she has seen.

The fourth friend finally comes into the restaurant. When he walks in, all the people, sounds, lights, and smells are too much for him to handle. In an instant, he is aware of how people interact at each table, the complicated relationships between the servers, the strong smell of a dish that reminds him of his childhood, and a few burned rafters on the ceiling. There had been a fire? Suddenly, he feels a very heavy feeling, which means something bad has happened, and he rushes over to his friends' table, avoiding the maitre d'. He tries to forget about these things, but they keep coming back to him as he eats dinner.

Based on the above example, friends one and two have a fairly normal range of sensitivity, while friends three and four have more extreme extrasensory abilities. Think about what you've done: How many things do you take in each day? What kinds of stimuli have the most impact? How does that make you feel? Physically? Spirituality? By figuring out what your own special talents are, you can start to learn how to use your psychic strengths.

How to Use Your Psychic Powers

Most of the time, psychic abilities come to us when we are young. These gifts are either passed down through close family and friends (who teach us this language directly or indirectly) or are grown in response to the environment. As children, we notice more, see more, hear more, and feel more. These are basic survival instincts that help us move safely through the world. But as we get older, people tell us to stop being so sensitive, that ghosts don't exist, and that pain is always physical. Because of this, we start to think that science and reason are in conflict with emotions and intuition. We hide our gifts, make fun of "clairvoyants," and think that the physical world is all there is to reality. But don't worry, cosmic warriors. Your psychic abilities never go away completely. Even though it might take some work to wake up these dormant skills, here are some easy ways to use your extrasensory abilities. YOu can join communtities in Internet with psychic to help you to develop your power, you can go to straight forward guide (just clicking this) and connect with other people with abilities like you.

Grab a cup of coffee and talk to your gut.

Imagine seeing an old childhood friend you haven't seen in a long time. You're happy to think back on old times, and you can clearly remember how you interacted with other people. But a lot has changed since your playdates, and even though your old friend is still the same person, in many ways you're now complete strangers. To become friends again, you'll have to get to know each other all over again.

To use your psychic abilities, talk to your intuition like you would talk to an old friend. Your intuition has always been a part of you, so of course you know how to use it. But you might work together in a totally different way than you did before.

Develop a relationship with your intuition by doing something every day. Assigning colors to your feelings is a simple exercise. Start with something simple, like a frustrating conversation with your boss or a flirty text conversation with your crush. Next, pick colors that remind you of these feelings. In this case, let's choose yellow and pink. Over time, this color will become linked to that feeling, and your intuition will be able to speak to you through this non-verbal language. Once the color and the energy are joined, your intuition will be able to tell you about things happening outside of your immediate world. So, if your friend starts telling you about her new coworker and you see pink, you'll know right away that there's a romantic connection.

Get hazy.

Even though it may sound obvious, one of the best ways to use your psychic abilities is to tap into your subconscious. In our everyday lives, we are always setting limits on how much stimulation we take in, and for good reason. We can't take in everything we see and hear if we want to live healthy, useful lives. As a result, these memories are often stored in our minds.

Having a good relationship with your subconscious mind is the fastest way to use your psychic abilities. Dreams are a great way to get into this world because they show us an alternative reality to the one we see when we're awake. We don't have to be limited by our bodies, so we can easily move between spaces and explore new places, go back in time, and meet spirits from other worlds. Dreams are a way into our subconscious world, and the more we learn about it, the easier it is to use all of our psychic abilities. Keep a pen and paper close to your bed at all times. As you get to know your subconscious better, you'll start to see how easily you can move between worlds.