It can be frustrating that a team seems to rs 2007 gold be doing well, but then suddenly the game is over. Can anyone give an explanation for why the game ends at round 2. You are a successful team, so why wouldn't your team want to continue until rounds 3 and 4. Do you know of a bug that causes people to only play the air and mind runecrafting alms? Is there a bug within the game that causes the game to end up crashing after the second round of play?

Heres a rant, by me, someone typically good in ranting. But I think I have solved the problem most people will face, magic sucking.

I recently am able to get 70 mage on my purified, it's amazing that I can actually cause people to stop and scare everyone to death. It's a security net, whenever somebody whips out a gmaul I freeze them and then continue to pound them with different projectiles. But, pking with just magic is a nightmare slow casting speed, expensive cost, rangers that rip you off and every level wears full dhide, therefore in this psot, I will anaylse the problems magic has and how to fix it.

Costs: Runes can be expensive in comparison to what they are. Even more expensive is the fact that if you cast a few different spells to gain an "blunt" edge in battle you have to carry even more. Stacking, a technique that lets you use a variety of ancinets spells to cause more the damage dealt to your opponent, is what the spells can do since they are faster. To use a blood-ice combination, I will need four sets runes. I'll need about 50 projectiles or spells in order to make one inventory of food. I'll use 30 of each spell. It's already 50k.

Dragonhide isn't just cheap however, it also comes with very good armour that can withstand magic attacks and to some degree mellee. It's a great choice for those who have a medium range. But, it can immediately reduce my chance of cheap RS gold casting spells.