When a person joins a new company or a new work group that is totally unknown to him or her, it is essential that from day one they are made to feel that they are already part of the organization; In the long run, this will be the factor that will determine productivity and their permanence in the company. For this to happen, it is important that the organization's human capital team have an integration strategy that makes the collaborator adapt easily, having already reflected the sense of belonging.

There are various ways to help minimize the time of adaptation and learning about the functions to be performed in the new job; One of them, and the one that is frequently handled by all the HR departments of the companies, is to give the collaborator an induction course. This presentation contains relevant information about the organization they are joining that serves to immerse themselves   in the way of working, functions to be performed, work environment, general rules, etc.

Other strategies that can help the new member to adapt easily to their new environment are:

  • Have communication with collaborators from other departments.
  • Give constant training and measure their performance month after month.
  • Encourage their achievements and give feedback, this will help the person know their performance within the organization and be able to detect which are their areas of opportunity.
  • Carry out gatherings or activities to promote a good work environment.
  • Make him feel that he is an important part of the company.

Today most companies have changed their organizational culture strategies so that all their employees can have greater productivity, commitment, loyalty, sense of belonging and thus reduce staff turnover.

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