10 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Preparing For The CA Exam !!

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) expects nothing less from you throughout your CA journey because CA is professional education. There is pressure to complete training, study for exams, and handle a variety of other tasks. You cannot, however, give in to them and allow yourself to make the most egregious mistakes of your career while putting together a plan for your CA final preparation.
These small mistakes are the only difference between the toppers and the failures. You should therefore be aware of how to avoid making these typical errors regarding the CA entrance exam in order to avoid failure.

Do not ever ignore the study material by ICAI: 
Never ignore the study guides and practice manual from the ICAI. Any reference book or coaching tool can help you cover the entire curriculum, but the ICAI materials come with exam-style questions.So start practising the ICAI manual's questions as soon as you've finished a particular topic or chapter. You may be able to understand the concept better if you practise answering lots of questions.
Don’t Depend on Others:
CA students frequently commit the error of mindlessly adhering to other students. Some people sign up for the course because a friend or relative of theirs has already finished it. Students frequently follow their friends during articleship training and work placements. If you do this, you will be limiting your interactions with other people. Most trainees who go to class with friends are unable to broaden their horizons. Firstly understand by yourself about the CA Exam in India and do you really want to do the course or not.
Don’t ever skip your textbooks and previous year papers: 
Going above and beyond isn't harmful, even though studying textbooks has always been the best strategy for passing any exam. Previous year papers are typically beneficial for passing exams and understanding question types. Look over as many different papers as are available and learn from the best books for CA Foundation to get the best results. 
Don’t ever skip your revision:
During the articleship, skipping studies and revisions is a bad idea because it will exhaust you to get up early and work all day. You might be tempted to skip revisions and research in order to save time as a result. Sadly, most students give in to this pressure and are unable to deliver adequate results for the remaining CA Intermediate group/CA Final exams.
The three years that you spent doing articleships are very important for your development. Seek out opportunities to work and gain as much knowledge as you can. But make sure you have a sound study plan for managing your time.
Do not get anxious and panic:

The most frequent mistake students make is that they panic after reviewing the first paper. Students often have a tendency to become anxious if one of the question papers is a little longer. They start worrying about how they would go to finish the paper before they have even started writing it, and this usually occurs right after they have checked it out. As a result, what they had previously believed comes to pass. 

The worst part is that they continue to dwell on what has passed and begin to do things like cry and relive the exam period. The key takeaway is to start studying for your upcoming test rather than dwelling on how your previous exam went. What was lost was indeed lost. It won't return at all. Instead of dwelling on all that has passed, instead you should motivate yourself and prepare for the second exam.

Don’t ever mismanage your time: 
Always complete your work quickly and effectively. After carefully reading the paper, you should have a general idea of how much time you should spend on each question. Students frequently spend the most time on one question, and when they are finished, they realise that it took them a considerable amount of time to complete just one answer. Consider the marks the question will bring when scheduling your time. For instance, allocate no more than one minute or up to 1.5 minutes for a question worth one mark.

Don’t ever chase multiple study materials: 
It is evident that the CA examinations would be significantly different and more difficult than the typical Graduate or Undergraduate university exams. As a result, CA students adopt a very different and professional approach to learning and training. There are more than a thousand CA journals, books, seminars, webinars, etc., in the market. It is important to keep in mind that combining ideas from various sources is not needed. Students should be wise enough to determine which subject they like the most and understand easily. Students can also take the help of the best CA Foundation Books, as they provide the right content. 

Don’t be careless regarding your health: 
While immersed in your books, it's important to take care of your body. It will keep your mind engaged and your body in good shape. Even regular exercise can lower your stress levels. Get at least seven hours of sleep every night, and eat balanced, healthy meals. Additionally, keep in mind to stay hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water each day. In order to avoid getting sick before your exam, stay away from fast food and eating out. Stay positive and focused, avoid overstressing yourself, and you will succeed.

Never let your memory be inactive: 

There is only one way to say that memorization will not help you in passing the fiercely competitive CA exams. These exams are of a professional calibre, so knowing the underlying theories requires extensive self-study. Although it is prudent to spend more time on the anticipated topics, you must not ignore any subject in the syllabus in order to improve your chances. Take the help of CA Foundation Course Books for the authentic stuff and easy to memorise stuff. 

Negative Thoughts:

Never think negatively and always be aware of your shortcomings. The mind frequently accepts thoughts and beliefs without first judging or questioning them. If all it learns, observes, and reads is negative, it interprets this as fact and an example. Therefore, make an effort to always foster a positive environment. Allow yourself to become more and more self-assured. Increase your self-confidence and wait for favourable results.


CA is one of the most reputed competitive exams of India and it is conducted by ICAI.
This exam is not so easy to crack but it's not impossible either. But students should avoid making mistakes for that. There are 10 mistakes that one should avoid if they really want to crack the CA Exam and they are: 
do not ever ignore the study material by ICAI, 
don’t depend on others, 
don’t ever skip your textbooks and previous year papers, 
don’t ever skip your revision, 
do not get anxious and panic, 
don’t ever mismanage your time, 
don’t ever chase multiple study materials, 
don’t be careless regarding your health, 
never let your memory be inactive,  
negative thoughts. 
Avoiding these mistakes would surely lead to success. 
All the best !!!

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