A number of OSRS gold houses could be built to keep all the occupants safe, similar style similar to Falador however, it would be in black. Each would be a reasonable size and would contain living space, an extra bed, bathroom, another bedroom for a child, a downstairs with a kitchen and dining room and possibly a bookcase additional items, but they are not essential.

A small museum and library would be located within the walls of Burthorpe. Because it is capital Burthorpe, the school could be located nearby.

Burthorpe also has a problem. The sole bank is located in Burthorpe however I'm not putting Burthorpe as a part of the Warriors Guild. It is located in the Thieves den. This isn't a good idea for the capital city. There would be North and South banks.

Are there any attractions in the city? What do you play a mini-game at the Barracks? Perhaps a smithing place for making weapons or buy RS gold armour. A couple of good, specialist shops would be great too. You can decide. Thank you for reading!