Let's take a look at what two players have to comment on... "An alliance can repeatedly attack an opponent RS3 Items, causing them to lose their gaming experience and I don't believe that's fair." This is true. New players have just seven days to build their cities. But, if they don't push themselves enough and make an alliance that is strong and build strong alliances, they could easily be a victim to more skilled, experienced players.

"Like many similar games it is an exhausting job to play and keep up-to-date everything. The progress is slow, and there's nothing to do with the information you've accumulated. This is a common complaint about the game. Be sure to keep up with your neighbors by checking the game daily to improve your city's defense, army, etc. You waste your time and your city is essentially inactive, waiting for an the next attack.

Max my dear friend, will explain more. "The actual gameplay is designed specifically for serious gamers since you have to log on every day. Although you don't have to be online all day, it's essential to be online at least a portion of the time in order to keep up with other competitive gamers. The top scores feel as if they are purely reserved for those paying and playing all day."

I also asked players: Do you believe War of Legends will succeed? There were a variety of responses, however the majority consisted of the same basic idea. War of Legends is not unique, there are many similar games on the internet. They are also popular. Does that mean it will fail? "Evony. Civilization osrs infernal cape buy. The Sims. and other similar games are extremely successful, so this should be too."