Your home is producing energy while you are away, but you are not using it. Your solar system remains dormant at night in Pakistan when the lights are on and the TV is on full blast. Another option is to transmit your excess electricity to the grid in exchange for stored energy credits that you can use when you need them. This will save you from having to invest in an expensive battery to store the extra energy you produce during the day. It is known as net metering in Pakistan. With electricity going expensive, it is time to shift the system and switch to net metering!

If you generate more energy than you consumed, your electric company might reimburse you at the retail rate. If you have market-rate net metering, Pakistan is seeing a rise in popularity of this idea.

Your home's energy needs are met by the electricity produced by your solar or renewable energy system, which can also lower your monthly electric cost. Any surplus energy required by your home is immediately delivered to Kelectic in Karachi and Wapda in Lahore.

Not every renewable energy system will have the capacity to produce extra electricity. It is more typical for solar-powered households to generate a portion of their own electricity while feeding the grid with the rest. Those that do produce extra electricity are qualified to sell it to Wapda in Pakistan.