Because about 100 percent of competitive players just remain in mm for leagues. They have mentioned leagues are Mut 21 coins still going to be something, but seems that you'll have to recreate your own leagues. You're comment does not really explain anything. Why is it that they remain just for the leagues? What's there game-wise that may only be got through them? The chat can be done in the forums. Competing in lvl matches and chatting with guys you've known for years is a lot of fun, it is certainly the main reason I play the sport. Many top leagues talk in another app such as discord or telegram. I get that. But would you stop playing the game completely if they'd eliminated leagues? You mentioned the very best leagues are already using another program to talk and there's lvl already out of leagues.

No Madden cash move. No more score. No legacy team. No scores would be the operative word . . .there needs to be some legacy component or something we could perform during madden futures. Wow. Each of the grinding should at least give something. In years past you could get players and fill in your group for next year. It is accurate, those were nice bonuses were not they. But surely you didn't grind all year to get a few elites next time around. No but as somebody who didnt start this year before the TOTD promo came out it feels kinda useless. Just curious, just how much stuff moved from year to year on the console version? The console versions do not evaporate when a new version comes out... You are comparing apples and apples.

Could we even watch our team from this season in MM21? It sounds to me like everything is getting declared, in that case I do not see a point in playing any more this year. What exactly are we connecting our account for when we do not get heritage group, year score, or madden money? They have that. Might as well get a 100 OVR from it. Right? This is going to eliminate a great deal of players. Wait. So madden money does not carry over? It states that connecting now will give the 100 ovr package, but I linked. Can I still get it? Red said on Discord the benefits for linking will probably go out in 4pm today so imagining in the event that you've already connected they'll appear. Does that include those who connected a couple of weeks ago? If already linked it should be OK. Just check to be certain EA accounts is linked. It's from the 4th quarter tab in the shop.

So basically Madden Mobile 21 is a giant"go twist community" how did you possibly think that this will make players happy? More to the point, why couldnt you tell people weeks ago that MC wouldn't not take over? Since it would cause them to lose lots of in purchases. Remember they're a scum business. Oh yeah I comprehend the reason why they waited til the last moment. It just stinks. Nah when 2k eventually comes out using a mobile football game we will have the choice to jump the ship should they are still treat us like this.

I hope so but I dont believe 2ks game is going to be like madden. They have to generate an arcade style game, much more like nba jam or older school NFL blitz. EA has exclusive rights to"simulation game"style football matches so while I expect you're correct I dont think the games will be to similar. It is all great. Overdrive is only about as arcade as it is possible to get so it's not like EA totally cares about simulation football. I have the identical question. Leagues are the sole reason I am still playing. No need to buy mut coins madden 21 get into the MM21 program if there are not any leagues (or something equivalent) Why wouldn't there be leagues? I know it's a new program, but it is not like they're developing a whole new game.