Spider veins may spoil women’s physical appearance. Mostly, such types of veins are visible at the adult age of women. Due to the unsightly veins, women hesitate to wear short dresses or shorts and do everything possible to hide them. These can be a great cause of embarrassment in them.  Make an appointment at veins clinics to know the best option for you.



What are spider veins?


Spider veins are smaller versions of varicose veins, scientifically they are referred to as telangiectasias. These are red and blue web structured expanded veins noticed under the surface of the skin of legs or face.


On the other hand, Varicose veins appear when the blood vessels lose elasticity resulting in inflammation near the surface of the skin. The cause may be hereditary or work-related.


Fortunately, people don’t have to live with these conditions anymore as the development of modern vein treatment near me has been treating such types of venous insufficiency.




Spider vein treatments:


People who want to get rid of these ugly veins can consider:


  • Topical skin creams
  • Laser treatment
  • Sclerosing therapy
  • Surgical removal
  • Changes In The Diet.


There are many over-the-counter creams that claim to be effective in treating this condition. These creams are composed of ingredients reportedly able to strengthen or shrink engorged blood vessel tissue, like Vitamin K, Aloe Vera, theophylline, and Horse Chestnut.  Discuss your condition at veins clinics NY.





Dietary changes:


If you include sodium-rich foods in your diet they can help retain water in the body as high potassium foods can help reduce water retention.


Foods that are rich in potassium may involve:


  • almonds and pistachio nuts
  • lentils and white beans
  • potatoes
  • leafy vegetables
  • some fish, such as salmon and tuna


Foods with fiber help to keep the bowels stimulating and help avoid constipation. This may be necessary, as straining can aggravate damaged valves or make them worse. Consult a vein specialist near me NY at veins clinic midtown to enhance your condition.




Foods that are high in fiber include:


  • nuts, seeds, and legumes
  • oats, wheat, and flaxseed
  • whole-grain foods


People who are overweight are more likely to experience varicose veins, therefore, losing any excess pounds can minimize the stress on the veins and relieve swelling and discomfort.  Call a vein doctor midtown to diagnose the type of venous insufficiency and the vein treatment NY for it.


Eat more flavonoids:


Foods that contain flavonoids should be added as they help a person shrink their varicose veins. Flavonoids not only enhance blood circulation but also reduce blood pressure in the arteries and can rest blood vessels resulting in reduced varicose veins.


Foods containing flavonoids are:


  • vegetables, including onions, bell peppers, spinach, and broccoli
  • citrus fruits and grapes, cherries, apples, and blueberries
  • cocoa
  • garlic


Herbal remedies:


According to experts, grape seed may help reduce inflammation in the lower legs. Additionally, Vitis vinifera also helps ease the other symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency. However, the results may be limited.


Laser Treatments:


Laser treatment, another option for treating this kind of vein, can be done at a plastic surgery center using directed light to kill the veins. Obliteration of these small veins will diminish the further appearance of these veins without damaging nearby tissue. Laser treatment is a specialized method and should be done only by a vein specialist in midtown.


Sclerosing therapy: 


It is the method of injecting concentrated saline solution into the concerned veins. Like laser treatment, sclerosing therapy breaks down the spider veins causing a minimal effect on the surrounding areas but there would be some pain and bruising afterward. This method should also be done by a certified physician or a plastic surgeon with the necessary experience.


Varicose veins that are large and swollen are best treated by surgical removal. These types of veins can cause intense pain which makes immediate treatment necessary. This is a real surgical procedure therefore it must be done only by a qualified physician. Surgery is the maximum alternative for removing painful or irksome veins and is not generally expected for spider vein treatment.



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