One of the issues that homeowners in high humidity environments face is that wood floors can swell and shrink quite a lot throughout the season. Even when the flooring receives a proper seal, any coastal location can experience enough change to the structure of each plank and section that it outgrows the room built in for expansion. That can leave you with yearly maintenance chores that can quickly eat away at your budget.

The choice of eucalyptus flooring is excellent because the tree grows well in our earth's natural tropical zones. It is more resistant to high air moisture levels, which reduces the amount of expansion and contraction that transpires with your floor. If you've ever dealt with other materials, you will immediately notice this advantage, though there are still specific safety measures to follow with your installation.  

If you want to save money while improving the look and structure of your interior, then eucalyptus floors are the perfect option to consider. You will pay about 50% of the retail cost with this option compared to the traditional hardwood floors which are available today. The product is very easy to install as well, so you aren’t forced into a position where a contractor is needed to get the work done.

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