Today, malfunctioning windows and doors have a significant impact on energy loss. This inefficient use has significant financial and material consequences.

If we review all the activities that we carry out throughout the day, we will realize that electrical energy is present in almost all of them.

Hence the importance of becoming aware of what the consumption of electricity implies at home.

We know that some energy sources are depleted, that is, they exist in nature in a limited way. They are what we know as non-renewable.

For this reason, it is necessary to choose products that allow us to maintain responsible energy consumption.

Modernization has allowed us to access greater comfort and security in our lifestyle, although we must learn to use all resources in a more efficient way.


A sectional garage door allows us to save on air conditioning and heating. How is this possible?

Automatic sectional doors offer greater energy savings than manual ones because they close immediately after a person passes through the room. If the space is air-conditioned, there is no loss of energy.

When entering the car into our home, the rapid opening and closing automatically, is not only a convenience, but an interesting energy saving.

The heat or cold leakage is lower, compared to that of a conventional door.

The interior of these doors has an effective thermal insulation, something that also contributes to energy efficiency. In turn, they include a maximum-security watertight closure that thermally isolates the interior of the space.

In this way, interior temperatures equalize, reducing the heat of summer and the cold of winter. In short, energy waste is avoided.

This leads us to think that a small investment will allow us to save a lot of money on gas and electricity costs in the long term.


A low-quality sectional door loses much of the insulation they need to provide.

The composition of the raw material of Matic-Port doors guarantees optimum quality, with very low maintenance and consumption costs.

Today, sectional doors have become a necessary element thanks to their practicality and savings capacity.

Sectional doors have ceased to be seen as luxury doors to become affordable doors for most users.

There is a great variety of sectional doors, depending on their structure and characteristics.

Among the most used and demanded we find the following: single channel, ribbed, quadroon, total smooth, with built-in pedestrian, with special maneuvers, etc. In addition, you can customize the color of your door according to your preferences.

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