For choosing an appropriate chair, you have to determine how your chair will be used within your house. What function will your new chair serve, and where will it be situated in your home? Will you be adding this chair to your formal living area where its appearance is its primary function? Or will this chair grace the room where your family views movies and eats popcorn? Who will occupy this chair most often? 


It is unusual for one chair to suit all adequately. Therefore, it is best to determine who will be using the chair most and decide on a chair that will accommodate that individual properly. Select a chair that is sized properly for your room. You must consider the stature of the other furniture pieces present in the room when choosing your chair. Feel free to include an assortment of textures, materials, and styles in the room. 


Selecting a chair of superior quality is essential. If you make the mistake of sacrificing quality for a low price, you will find that your "great deal" will not be able to stand up to your visitors, pets, and family. What was once an attractive, impressively priced piece of furniture will soon become a worn-looking eyesore.


You are far more likely to locate the perfect chair if you enter the selection process with a firm grasp of what characteristics you desire the chair to possess. What is your typical position when sitting in your living room chair in your home? Don't be shy! Try out your favorite sitting position. If you like to sit with your legs folded up under you, then do that. If you prefer to lay sideways on the chair with your legs across one arm of the chair, then do that. 


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