MMOs exist and die by their community in my opinion. And FFXIV is, from the people I've met and WOW TBC Classic Gold participated in, has plenty to live for. 43 levels and loving every second of ARR.

P.S to any possible WoW player who stumbles on this. The ARR claim is that it is grinding and it's in its own manner. However, if your level has been achieved on one character using classic wow/tbc, this "grind" will be refreshing in comparison. Try the trial for free test, what do risk losing an entire day of farming primal fires or torghast runs?

Edit: Wow, I fell asleep, and it exploded a tiny bit. Thanks for the kind Warriors of Light for all the awards and all of the encouraging comments. The game can only be made due to the welcoming and cool members of the community. It's not just that most gamers in WoW are frustrated with blizzard. It's because the game is what we've come to expect from a game with one thing we're missing that is a relaxed and engaging community. It's impossible to speak for all the WoW people who have migrated to FFXIV, but a huge majority of us appreciate the way you've treated veterans to be so welcoming and helpful.

It's the sort of thing that sounds like an idiom but I've not heard of it before. Many Korean idioms refer to food, because Korea has dealt regularly with famines throughout the past. The meaning of the phrase would be 'Don't just worry about your worries, be sure to have fun too'.

It's over. Now I'm looking for an FFXIV animation. Do any of the artists on the animation level of these who would like to buy TBC Classic Gold take a few years slogging on it? Can we crowdsource players for content within the lore? And tie it in with lesser played NPCs to give it a fresh spin. I would love to do something similar lol...writing stories for fans all across the globe to take pleasure in and continue to build their own stories.